Movie trailer – Lycée Schuman, Le Havre

Movie trailer in the dark

The students have made a horror movie trailer inspired by « the Blair Witch project ». Each group had a tablet and a scenario … and a high school.

Video from lycée de métiers Augustin Hebert, Evreux

House of Windsor in the kitchen !

A morning at the high ropes

A small turn at medieval

On thursday

Work with wood and metal


Videos from lycée Laplace, Caen

Maame’portrait by Eva

Scones recipe

Magic with Tristan

Muffin recipe from Yuna, Lucas and Amelie

Banana muffin recipe by Jonathan and Jules

Blueberries muffin recipe by Aglaé and Océane

Cricket practicing

A magic trick by Mathéo

William, english assistant by Ewan et Tristan

Brownie recipe by Colombe and Romane

Cookies recipe by Romane, Raphaëlle and Lisa

Cookies Recipe by Léa and Violette

Adrien by Leo and Yann

Videos from Lycée Jacques Prévert, Pont-Audemer

Blue team

In the morning we made teams at random, and we are ten. David is our teacher, he is 53 years old and he was an actor, he has a cat, and he lives in Rouen. In England, he lived in Devon.
And we made a flag wich represent our team, and our name is « Viking Blues » and our slogan is « You will choose, Viking Blues ! »
Pauline is the leader, Stella, is the treasurer, Salome is the secretary, and Lily is the photographer and she makes a montage of videos.
We played a game, wich is  » Zip Zap » ; then we ate hamburgers, and potatoes.
In the afternoon, we walked 6 km, in Pont-Audemer, and we answered some questions about flora, fauna, history, heritage… It was very warm, but it was really cool, friendly, and funny. We came back at 5:00 PM, and we resumed the day, and how much did we learn today, and the winning team have some toy money.
It was great for the first day !!

Lily and Raphaël

Red team

Our group is the red team with the members: Enzo Leomant,Noé Courteaux,Maude Lecocq,Marie Becquet,Stanislas Pydo,Valentine Jailly,Ugo Quemener,Bastien Delamotte,Mya Chalat.

Here is a short description for our video: the video shows the first day of the english camp and our walk around the village.

Thank you,

Chicken Team

Green team

Yellow team

Street interviews

Radio show, on the web, every day – Lycée Maurois, Deauville

Live broadcast

From Lycée Maurois. Every day from 6 pm 45 to 19h00.

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