Thursday – In New Zealand

Let’s go to New Zealand today. Do you know this country ? It’s marvellous. This the place where you can find Kiwis, where people dance the haka and of course where the famous rugby team, the All Blacks, is.

But what’s the weather like in New Zealand ? To find out, click here

To go further

Play the weather forecaster and make a video with a tablet, download the Touchcast app (

link) and with a green screen shoot a video..

Wednesday – What’s the weather like today in Australia ?

Let’s travel around the world. What’s the weather like today in Australia ? To find out, click here.

Do you live in a place where the weather doesn’t change much? Maybe the weather where you are is different every day. Millions of people around the world watch TV weather forecasts so they can plan what to do based on what the weather will be like. But how can you express this change in English. Let’s revise the modals (click here) and do the activities here.

Tuesday – Weather in New York

Let’s travel around the world today and discover what’s the weather like in New York.

To find out click here
To go further : improve your listening skills on this topic by watching the video and check with the script (click here)

You don’t remember how to tell the time ? Well, revise this notion.
Click here to revise and do the activities here