Very buzy students ! Lycée Alain – Alençon

Rumeysa tells us about drama workshops

Stanley tells us about … speaking English!

Marion, Camille and Justine are working on their short movie (Les courts métrages réalisés par les élèves seront finis demain (projection demain après-midi). )


Make up workshop: fake wounds (for the short movie)









Archery Game



Bubble football




Drama workshop

Friday – Pisces

The Star sign of the day : Pisces

Intuitive, sensitive, big-picture thinking, kind and thoughtful Pisces. Your ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune. Your best day of the week is Thursday and your best colours are those of the sea: blue, green, lavender and silver. Slow moving Neptune is in your sign through to 2024 enhancing your aptitude for healing and creating a better world. Along the way there are beautiful relationships to enjoy and an emotional ocean to surf.

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