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19 0119 03

19 01 19 03
I never thought I would have to do that, I really don’t know how to start that. And what is that ?
Do I have to introduce myself ? Or just tell my story ? I’m pretty sure you know who I am and if you don’t, I’m pretty sure you don’t read the tabloids.
Everything started on 19 January, on my birthday, I turned sixteen. I left school at eleven a.m, I told them that I didn’t feel well but it was a lie. During the afternoon I was supposed to have a P.E lesson with all of the other girls of my school, in the « Lycée Charles de Gaulle » in London, in the district of South Kesington-Chelsea. This is my favourite district for all of its  museums, particularly the Albert and Victoria Museum, and all of the parks with the Chelsea Physic Garden, where I like to go and read an Jane Austen book or visit their Shakespeare’s exhibitions. I lived in France for ten years with my parents. My mother died in a car accident in Paris when I was nine, she was French. After her death we moved from Paris to London.
So, the girls of my high-school have been hating since the very first day, I’ve never understood why but I can’t do anything about it. I’ve tried, a lot, but it was never enough. I remember, for my tenth birthday I had a party in my house, with all of those girls, but they made fun of me all night long, about my weight, my lack of relation with boys or the death of my mother. Since this day I have promised to beat them in everything. I lost weight andnow I wear the most fashionable clothes I could find in Harrods which is the equivalent of Bendel in New-York, it’s situated in Knightsbridge not far from the Science museum. Secretly I hoped that with Channel clothes they would like me a little bit, but that didn’t change anything, they hated me even more, they were jealous.
The boys stay a problem in my whole life, I’ve tried to fall in love with someone many times and to have a relationship but,like every time and everything in my life that failed. My first real love was named Marc, if I’m here today, this is thanks to him. You know, when you are fifteen, or sixteen you have the impression to be powerful, like if you were on the top of the world, almost when you have all of the money you want. It was my case.
I met Marc in a cinema in Hakney Wick, this is a district with a lot of artists in the old London, facing the olympic stadium. The cinema was in Mare Street, I like to go there because they show old movies, which are my favourites. I had already been in the same movie screening with Marc. But for the film « Shining », Marc was sitting beside me but he didn’t look at me and he didn’t talk to me during the whole film. I was embarrassed and really stressed because he was sitting just next me. I looked at him discreetly and just admired his magnificent face.
In my high-school you have a lot of brilliant guys, beautiful and rich, but I was never interested in them. They all look the same, really plastic with big arms. Marc wasn’t like all of them, he had something really fragile, he looked like a daydreamer. He had green eyes, they had the same color as a polluted ocean but I don’t know why that seems beautiful on him. It was the first time I saw black hair like that, it was like petroleum or black ink. Even if he had dark hair he had freckles, all around his perfect face. His mouth was so sensual that I just wanted to kiss him everytime I looked at him.
The movie finished with the scariest smile ever of Jack Torrance and his « amazing » Overlook Hotel. Before he asked me the question that would change my life, Marc looked at me for over a minute and smiled all the time. Through his eyes I had the impression to have Audrey Hepburn’s and Marylin Monroe’s beauty or maybe to be SantaClause and Tom Hanks.
 » We are going to have a drink  » he said. I didn’t know what to answer but I followed him across the cinema. He took me to the bus, which departured for Walworth, the name should have warned me but I was like in Nothing Hill, you know, the movie that makes you want to stay in this district for the rest of your life just to find your Hugh Grant.
Walworth district was famous in London but not for good reasons. it was known for violence, drug problems and poverty. But I had the impression that Marc was my Cary Grant in « Roman Holidays », I followed a beautiful man in a mysterious city (district for me) who didn’t even know my name. I always dreamed to be Audrey Hepburn, when I’m lost or sad or angry I always ask myself « What would Audrey do ? ». Of course Marc wasn’t Cary and we weren’t in Roma but this was kind of romantic and he was so beautiful in his little cotton shirt, skinny jeans and slippers. He looked really Parisian.
We arrived in the place we can call district, I never went there because my father never authorised me to, like Simba in The Lion King. It was exiting for me to do something I wasn’t allowed to do. Maybe you didn’t know but my father is Pete Ferman a famous journalist who presents a TV programme on the BBC. Other children had hugs, attention and happiness. Personally I just had a lot of zeros in my bank account, a personal cook and that’s all.
My mother gave me a lot of happiness, I was so good with her in Paris. My father wasn’t there when she died, he was on an airplane for Taïwan to join his mistress who is nothing more than my mother’s ex-best friend since they were three in Marseille. I think my father has a great sympathy for the French. He is still with her now, her name is Marie but there in London she calls herself « Mary-Ann » because « Tu sais ma chérie, j’ai aucune envie que les gens se souviennent de cette histoire et me voit comme celle qui a causé un divorce et un suicide » I just don’t want to translate that because of  this isn’t true at all. Since her death this skinny French idiot wants to make me think that my mother killed herself because she was disrupted. Crap.
Marc brought me in a pub, we sat and he started to present himself. He was nineteen, he worked in an art gallery in Hakney Wick, he was interested in all kinds of art but more particularly cinema. When he was twelve he played in Harry Potter as an extra, naive like everyone at this age he thought he would have a big career and would go to the Canne’s Festival but nothing happened. The more he was speaking, the more my heart was beating. I was in love, for the first time.
A few days, a few weeks passed. I missed a lot of classes to join him in our little cinema.
At the Taxi Driver screening he kissed me.
At the Psychose screening he said « I love you, I love everything about you. Your smile, your hands, your hair. Even your little four year old girl’s laugh. I never saw you crying but I’m pretty sure you are still beautiful. You are perfect, you are mine and I love you ».
At the Singing in the rain screening we argued for the first time because he was jealous of my sport teacher and I was jealous of his manager.
At the Scarface screening he asked me if I could keep ‘’something’’ for him. I accepted.
At the Full Metal Jacket he said « I’m in a big trouble, could you keep that again for me, please, it’s important please. I love you. » Of course I accepted without asking any questions. He gave  me the bag, a really heavy one. And at that moment I started to be worried. It was too late obviously.
I tried to call him a lot of times, I called his sexy manager, I went to his house. Unsuccesfully.
On 19 March, two months after I met Marc, the police came to my home in the afternoon, my father and my silly cow of a step-mother were in. They came in with dogs into the apartment. The dogs started to bark in the direction of my room. I instantly thought about the ‘’thing’’ Marc gave me. I didn’t know what it was, I trusted him, I loved him.
Of course, the cops found what they wanted, a big bag really heavy full of cocain and two guns.
They took me in the police car in front of all the neighbors , who looked at me like « I always know she was a delinquent ».
My father posted bail for me, I was free.
A policeman explained to me that it was Marc’ s fault, he had denounced me because an investigation had made conducted on him. I was devastated.
My father sent me to a boarding school in the countryside and now I’m lesbian.


Imène Benlachtar.




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I was at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris with my mother, my father and my brother. We were waiting for our flight to Leeds which arrived at 5:00 p.m. and it was 4:45 p.m. . In the meantime, I introduce me and my family. So, my name is Sofia, I’m 15 and I’m in high school. I’m rather shy, funny and nice I think. Now about my family, my mother is called Sierra, she’s 38 and she is an architect. She loves reading and singing. Her personality is simple, she is optimistic, not shy and funny. My father is called Brent, he’s 39 and he is director of an agency. He likes sports and he is patient and calm and my brother, Aaron is 12 and he’s in middle school. He likes football and all sport, he’s funny, self-confident and hyperactive. Ah ! That’s it, my plane arrived, so let’s go ! I was so excited !

After, 2 hours flight, we arrived, finally ! I don’t like travelling by  plane. At Leeds Bradford International Airport, my grandmother was waiting for us, she had been living in Leeds for 2 years. It was the first that we came to see her and I was very happy. My grandma loved dancing so to begin we went to the Opera North but before we had an English dinner because I was very hungry. My grandmother was so happy to see us that she was speaking all the time and it was very funny because she said anything and everything. Ah yes ! I forgot, we made this trip for my birthday and my boyfriend joined us the next morning.

We ate and went to the Opera, I was impatient because, like my grandma,  dancing is one of my passion. The show lasted an hour and a half, as a result my brother and my father grumbled because they didn’t like it and even less ballets but they were obliged to accompany us to please my grandmother.

The ballet was finished and we decided to go home. We arrived at grandma’s  and I was surprised because she lived in the big house with a large garden, her house was very beautiful and modern. I was surprised because in France she lived in a small house in the countryside and it was a very old house. Everytime that I came at her home I was afraid that the house collapsed. I looked around at the rest of my family and I noticed that they were also surprised. Grandma showed us the house and attributed us our rooms. I had a room just for me with a double bed. The room was simple with white walls and just a photo on the wall opposite the bed. Everyone was tired, so everybody went to the bed for a good night sleep in order to be in great shape the next day.

I woke up the first one because I was excited, Teo, my boyfriend, arrived that morning and stayed with us during the rest of our trip, I was happy. I prepared the breakfast while listening to music. I was singing when my brother shouted me to keep my voice down. After that, everybody came down to have breakfast. In our family, we sing along breakfast and we are always in a good mood. Then, we got ready to pick up Teo at the airport and then we went to the restaurant. I was ready but not the rest of my family so I began to get impatient and I told them to hurry.

 » Come on ! Hurry you ! We are going to be late !  »

I was not patient at all but it was like that. Usually I was always  the last one.

20 minutes later, they were finally ready and we could go to the airport. We arrived and there were a lot of people, I don’t feel very comfortable when it’s crowded. I looked for Teo’s flight and once I found it, I went to the gate and waited forTeo. I saw him and ran towards him, at that moment I was very happy and forgot my family. We went to the restaurant. that’s when things went on badly. First, the waiter forgot our order, then he spilled my glass on my father who became very angry. Apart from that, the rest of the meal  was ok . We decided to go to a park, the Roundhay Park, my grandma said that this park was one of the most beautiful in the city. We were at the park and we did two groups, one was composed of my parents and my grandma and the other was composed of Aaron, Teo and I. Every group left from his part, my parents and grandma went towards the lake and we walked towards the games.

leedsWe spent a good time in the park, Aaron ran and jumped everywhere, he was crazy. 2 hours later we decided to find my parents and Marie-Claude, my grandmother. I called them to know where they were but they didn’t answer. I call 4 or 5 times but still nothing, I begin to panic. Aaron and Teo tried to calm me down and to find a solution to find them. We searched in all the park but nothing, we tried around the park but nothing too. When I was young, Marie-Claude always said to me that when one of us  is lost, it is always necessary to return to an important place that we can be easily seen.

 » Aaron you remember what grandma told us when we were young if we got lost ? »

« Yes ! We have to go to find the perfect place, I think the entrance of the park is a good idea because we can be easily be seen and all of us will have to go that way. »

« You are right. So, let’s go ! But why are you laughing Teo ? »

« Sofia, you make me laugh, that’s it. A moment you panic and all of a sudden you are determined. You are  so moody and that’s why  it makes me laugh. »

« Okay, well let’s go then.  »

Teo laughed and kissed me on the forehead. We went towards the entrance. When we arrived at the entrance I searched my parents and I saw the big pink hat of my grandma, fortunately, she wore this horrible hat. I ran towards them and fell in the arms of my grandmother. With my grandma, we had a very special  relation, I always confided in her when something was wrong and she was always there for me and gave me som advise. I loved her so much, when she left I was really bad, that was why  coming to see her for my birthday was really an extraordinary present. We went to a café and had a snack because I was again hungry. I had the impression to be hungry all the time, any way. After this little misfortune, mummy said that everyone would stay together and I agreed with her.

We continued to visit the city and around 6:00 p.m. We decided to go back home so that grandma prepared her speciality which was chicken enchiladas with mexican rice. She cooked it very well, it was delicious. While she cooked with daddy, mummy, Aaron, Teo and I, we were in the garden because the weather was beautiful and the garden was very large so mummy would  see all the parts.  I ran after Aaron who had taken my phone because he found that funny. Brent called us to put the table and to eat. After this delicious meal, we returned in the city for a music festival  which took place at night. There were differents artists, musicians, singers, … The city shone with all the lights, there were noises everywhere and there were also a lot of people who were dancing, singing, drinking, eating, laughing, … Some children were running everywhere or playing together, there was really a good atmosphere that made me smile. That trip was very good and it was unforgettable. It was the best birthday that I ever had. We walked to a concert, we listened to the music, an English band  my grandma was fan of. She was singing and dancing, it was very funny, she was passionate.

The day after, we returned to France and it was sad, grandma was again going to find herself alone and she was again going to miss me enormously but now, we would come to see her more often.

It was the end of the concert and it was the time to come back  home. Once we were at home everybody prepared their suitcase and went to bed.

The next day we woke up early because it was time to leave Leeds and to return in France. We went to the airport and when we arrived, we said goodbye tp grandma and got on the plane. I returned to France with a lot of good memories and the smile of my grandma  in my mind.

I woke up and remembered all what happened. I realized that all this was only a dream or rather a memory. That nothing had taken place now but that it had happened 5 years ago. I remembered this trip it was before my grandma died, one of the last time that I saw her.  I had discovered the city and met my grandmother again but after that journey, she was sick and she couldn’t do anything, she couldn’t come to see us in France. At that moment, I felt so bad, so sad, when I thought about her I cried but now when I thought about her, I smiled. Now, every night I dreamed about the trip, about her and how she was happy. Every year, I return to Leeds and go to the same places which we went to and remembered all those good memories. I miss her so!

Lou Lépycouché



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(Extra)Ordinary School Trip

Let me tell you a story. A real one. Actually, one of mine.

This sotry begins 9th February 2015. I was in Wales for 3 days with all the 10 Year classes. We couldn’t stop thinking about the trip, we all we’re really exciting !

We left Rouen for England at 7am. We took the bus until Doves which is situated in the North of France, then we took the boat to Hastings and took the bus (again) to Wales, and the city of Conwy, we arriv ed at 5pm. Everybody was super tired so we didn’t do anything except being devided between families.

I was with Séverine and Roxane, and our family was very adorable !

Teachers asked us to be ready at 7:30am the next morning so we slept almost immediatly, without thinking what was waiting for us the next day…

10th February 2015

At 7:30am exactly, the man of the family bought us to the point of the date that the teachers gave us. Other friends were already there, and some of the teachers to, so we wait that everybody came and we went to the Conwy Center.

Teachers show us the town and at one point we passed in front of a strange house…a very, very small house. We didn’t know it at the time but in fact, it was (and it always is) the smallest house of the country ! Can someone just imagine..It was as if only Smurfs could live there ! We visited the house (in a short time) and met the grand-mother who actually lives in this tiny little red house. She was very nice and explain to us that she loves her house and don’t want to moved anywhere else. She was amused by the fact that we could’nt believed that someone can feels good living in this 6 feet wide place who only have a bedroom and a living room…that is definitly not enough !


At 10:30am my friends and I had the munchies but the lunch was only in 2 hours…we litteraly wanted to die. I mean, teenagers nee to eat. So a friend of me called Amina had a lot of candies in her bag…thanks to her we didn’t die that day !

At 12:00pm we ate at a cool restaurant, our teahcers really make this trip unforgettable. It was sunny, everybody had their sunglasses on their nose, the moment was absolutely sweet.

The afternoon was incredibly exciting !

Let me telling you…

This afternonn, we visited 2 castle. The first one was the Plas Mawr. This Castle is the newest of the two. We visited the inside, it is a strong castle transformed into a museum, but without lying, the visit was a little bit boring…so with Séverine we decied to escape it and pretending to go to the toilet. We did our own visit of the castle. We’ve been join by other friends few minutes later but even if there was 4 classes, a band of girls missing is locatable, very locatable.

Now that I think about it, I admit that it wasn’t polite at all, but we really was about to fall asleep.

Oh yeah, another point that I forgot to mention : Beds in Great Britain are very uncomfortable. Some people could tell that I’m difficult but I asked the others and a lot of them didn’t seelp well neither.

Sorry, but I prefer my french bed.Conwy town and castle at night , North Wales

The moon started to wake up when we went to visit the second castle. I suspect my english teacher to having purposely, because the ruins of the castle were illumined like i never saw before.

There was a set of lights very beautiful and I took a lots of pictures and videos for my family and the two of my friends who, unfortunately, didn’t came to the trip.

Families came for us at 7:00pm and the diner was delicious ! Of course, how could teenagers do not love pizza…


11th of February

It was my 15th birthday !

I was very exciting but really sad at the same time because celebrating my birthday in England with all my friends was rea lly cool, but my family were missing me.

At 7:30am we were ready. Séverine and Roxane told me their birthday wishes and told to the family that it was my day, so the mom of the house promise me that she will do a chocolate cake for me the evening.

During the morning we took the suspension bridge with the bus. Everybody wished me a Happy Birthday, it was agreeable to be the girl of the day.

At 10:30am we arrived at the Welsh Mountain Zoo I really thought that a good day was being prepared! We only got time to listen the instructions from the breeder and a little car bring us to the little savannah. Some of the teachers disappeared, but I didn’t take care of it.

At lunch tome, teachers who disappeard came over and when we saw them…we litteraly couldn’t believe : they brought us food from Nando’s!

I can not explains how good it was. We could now have a incredible day, with sun, friends and huge animals.CsoTdW1V

When we arrived in front of the tigers, some of the boys wanted to play the bad boy but…Let’s be serious, a 6 feet tall guy can not compete with a 496 pounds tiger. The eagles were amazinf. The afternoon was really awesome. Some of us could take the eagles on their armes. It was super cool.  In France, the only Zoo where I went was Cerza, but I surely prefer the Welsh Mountain Zoo. We left just when the Zoo closed, at 6:00pm.

At 8:00 we were back to our foster family homes and the mother held her promise. The chocolate cake was pretty good! The couple and their big son sang « Happy Birthday » to me, with Séverine and Roxane.

It was an Extarordinary Ordinary School Trip.

12th February

We did our bags the previously evening and the time to go back in France had came. We sincerely thanks our foster family and join the groupe to the bus.

We took the same way as the start, and arrived in France at 5:00pm. My parents and my brother was waiting for me and I couldn’t wait to how them and tell them all what I did during my trip.

Conwy is amazing!


Hey Mom!

I miis you a lot! My birthday without you was weird but my friends made me feel happy during all the day! The trip is really cool, I couldn’t imagine that Conwy, a little town unknow by everybody could be so interesting! What’s up in Rouen. How are going daddy and bro’? My foster family is really adorable, and they made me a chocolate cake! But you know that your chocolate cake is my favorite mom!

I share my room with Séverine and Roxane, this trip got everything to be incredible!

I kiss you all, bye bye!





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A Special Adventure in Liverpool by Clément

A Special Adventure in Liverpool


Today, Monday 15th February, I was at Liverpool’s Airport with Sushi.We had just gone out of the plane. We were going to the place where we get back the luggage. I took my bag after two minutes waiting. But we didn’t find Sushi’s luggage. So we were going to the information point to ask someone. But there was nobody at the counter. And the other problem was that Max’s plane was cancelled. Max is my Dutch penfriend and I needed to see him because he had became a good friend for me. I hoped that he will to take another plane quickly to join us in Liverpool. Then we decided with Sushi to take a taxi, to went to our hotel which is in the city center. In the city we saw the beautiful Landscapes near the Liverpool’s city. When we arrived at our hotel We went out of the taxi and entered our chambers to put our affairs. We didn’t know what we could do because Max was still in Amsterdam and we lost one of our luggages. So, we called Max to ask him about his flight, but he didn’t know any things about about it. He was still in Amsterdam’s airport.


Then sushi and I decided to go and eat in the city center of Liverpool. We would like to visit the center of Liverpool and we would like to spot what can we see during our holidays. Then we went to a beautiful restaurant, just near John Lewis shopping center, named Bill’s Restaurant. The restaurant was funny because there was many different lights. The food was just delicious, I had taken à Classic Burger with some potatoes and salad, and Sushi too. We took a tea because we were a bit tired and also because we knew that they had excellent teas in Great Britain and particularly in this restaurant. By the end of our lunch we called Max to know if he had more informations than before. He was going to take another plane, but he didn’t know when. We were happy because we were impatient to meet him.


Then I decided with Sushi to buy some clothes for our family and because we didn’t want to visit a museum or a building without Max. We also visited the city center of Liverpool because Sushi would like to go to Primark. This shop is not just near the John Lewis city center but we walked and we talked together and it was a great moment for us! After Primark we went in Mark and Spencer to drink again a tea and to eat a delicious cake! When we went out of the shop it was already 6.00pm, then we decided to go back to our hotel. We bought just some food for tomorrow. Then in the hotel we went in Sushi’s chamber to see the photographs that we had taken during the day. And at a moment à man entered in the room and said : “SURPRISE!!”. It was Max, my best dutch penfriend. We were so happy. We went in the hotel’s restaurant to eat and speak. And after a great dinner we went to our chamber and in our bed to sleep…


The night was just amazing because I was really tired before going in our chamber. It is 8.30am, Max and Sushi still sleep, thus I decided, to go downstairs to have breakfast, because I loved taking time to enjoy it! At 8.50am, my two friends joined me in breakfast room. I explained them the program of the day, on the morning we will go to the Beatles Story and for the afternoon we will visit the Maritime Museum of Liverpool. We were so excited to see it! After having finished the breakfast and having got ready we leave for direction of Albert Docks. We entered the museum and we sang on the music of Beatles to the ent. We visit the beautiful museum. We were really impressed because reconstructions are perfected. The museum is brilliant and we learned many informations about the Beatles that we didn’t know before visiting the museum. I liked very much the reconstruction of the cavern and the street because it is very realist, Max loved the reconstitution of the airplane because he liked the announcement of the stewardess, Sushi liked the yellow submarine because she loved the song and reminded her many moments about her life.


When we went out of the museum it is already 12.00am we decided to go to eat in restaurant called Revolution in the Albert Docks. It is a British restaurant chain not really famous but excellent! We took each today’s menu, it was glazed roast chicken, it was delicious. After this great lunch we visited a bit the pond of water in docks and we went to to the Maritime Museum of Liverpool. The museums of Liverpool are free it is super, the only one who is paying is the Beatles Story and it is very expensive. In the museum we visited a superb exhibition about the Titanic and another about the slavery. It was really interesting! When we had finished to visit the museum we went back in the city center to take a coffee-cake or a tea-cake in costa. We loved this chain because their cakes are just delicious! Max was really impressed because every building is new and gigantic. The streets are very long and very wide.


Suddenly, Sushi’s phone rang, it was Liverpool’s airport, they had received her luggage. I decided to go with her to get back it. Max continued to visit the center because he was arrived after us in the city. When we arrived at the airport, we went back to the information point to take the luggage. Sushi was happy because, she found at last her affairs. Sushi thanks the man who was at the counter and we took back the bus to go back in city center. We returned to the hotel and we find Max, he had a surprise for us. Thus we go in our chamber to prepare us. When we are ready, we go out of the building and we went in the direction of the center. Then we took a small street and we arrived in front of the place of the surprise. It was the Cavern Club, the place where the Beatles played music and became famous. We went down staircases and we installed us at a table to drink together. When we had finished, we went out of the bar, and we went to the Albert Docks to see the view. After having seen the panorama. Then, we went back to our hotel to sleep because it was already 10.30pm, and we took the airplane tomorrow to go back in France together.


We waked up in 8.00am, then we prepared our affairs and we had breakfast. We deposited our luggage in the bagagerie of the hotel. We went to the Museum of Liverpool, to visit the exhibition about the city and the evolution of the transports. We decided to find us at 12.30, downstairs. We went each in our direction. The museum is impressive because it is gigantic and really new. At 12.30, I found Sushi but Max is not here. We waited him 10 minutes but he was not yet here. We asked a man to call him with the speaker. After 20 minutes of waiting, final Max arrived. We ran up to our hotel to get back our suitcases and we took the bus to go to the airport.We arrived in time, and we boarded the plane and said our last farewells in landscapes of Liverpool during take-off…







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As the plane landed, Juliette looked at me, relieved. She was so pale, she almost looked sick.
“Are you okay ?” I asked
“Yes I am ! I’m happy it’s over, planes are terrifying ! ” I laughed at her comment, we got out of our seats and made our way to the big hall. We were waiting for our luggage, I asked Juliette what she wanted to do since it was only 4 in the afternoon.
“ I don’t know. ” She replied “Why not going to the zoo ?
“Sounds great ! Let’s do this ! ” I said happily.
When we finally got all of our bags we went out of the huge airport. It was freezing and raining. The sky was gray and filled with clouds. We looked at each other, no way we were going to the zoo ! We were wearing tank tops so we were both really cold.
“ I didn’t know England was rainy even in June ! Let’s find a taxi before we start freezing ! ” We quickly found one, the driver asked us where he had to take us. Juliette and I had no idea. The weather was too cold to go to the zoo. We asked the driver what was good to see in Birmingham. He said “ Well… I’ve never been there but I heard the museum is great. “ We agreed on this. We were in the taxi and saw a huge atypical building. Juliette said it was the Bull Ring. Then we saw the Bull Ring church which was beautiful. The walls of the church and the bell tower were made of bricks. There were a lot of tourists there. We were stuck in the traffic, fortunately we were in front of the Aston Hall. We were amazed to see how sumptuous the manor was.
The ride was quite long, we were both impatient. Juliette and I love art. Especially modern art. Juliette is a big Picasso fan, she loves his paintings. “It’s here ladies !” the driver said. We paid him and made our way to the museum. It was a big old building. We took some photographs before stepping inside the hall. Our hair and clothes were wet because of the rain but once in the museum it was warm. The circular hall was crowded, people were talking loudly. But we didn’t care, all we could think about is how beautiful that place was. The walls painted in red had gilding on the moldings. There were paintings all over the walls. An immense door faced us. In the middle of the room stands a huge statue made of what I guess is bronze representing a man with wings. My best friend and I remained speechless. It was already 5 in the afternoon, we had to buy tickets. We moved forward in the lobby and found a ticket office. A blonde lady greeted us. “Welcome at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, what can I do for you?
“We’d like to buy two tickets please.” I replied.
“Here you go ! Have fun !”
We then left the place as the lady was saying something about the closing hours. But we were so excited that we didn’t listen and directly rushed into the first room. This time the walls were blues and there was no paintings. Instead, dozens of pieces of jewelry. We could see 500 year old jewels, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. We saw a beautiful necklace with hundreds of diamonds with gold and platinium. The little sign on the side of it said that the Queen herself wore it ! “How crazy is that ?” said my best friend. We went from room to room, admiring jewelry, paintings, statues, historical objects…We took many photographs to show our families what we saw in Birmingham. After an hour of discovering the museum, Juliette had to go to the restroom. We found one and both decided to re-do our makeup since everything has been removed when we slept in the plane.
Ten minutes later we got out of the restroom to find an empty lobby. The lights were off. We were surprised and first thought of a joke. But we quickly understood, we were locked in the museum. Juliette started to freak out “No way we’re going to stay here ! There must be someone in the museum !”. I tried to calm her down but she was running in the big halls looking for someone. As I ran after her, she finally gave up and sat against a wall.
“Don’t worry Juliette, someone will obviously find us ! We won’t spend the night here !” I said, trying to confort her. But the truth was, that I had no idea if we would spend the night in the museum. There was no one in sight, it was hard to figure out a way to escape the building. Suddenly I had an idea. “ Ju ! Your phone ! Do you have any service ?
“My phone is out of order…”
“If only you hadn’t used all of your battery in the plane to play stupid games…”
“Hey it’s not my fault ! I wasn’t planning on being stuck in a museum !”
“Is it my fault ?“ I said angrily
“Maybe if you had checked the closing hours we wouldn’t have been stuck here right now !”
“Chill ! You hadn’t either !”
I was mad at her, she was saying all of this was my fault. This was not the moment to fight, we had to stick together. I think she thought the same thing because after a few minutes of silence she finally spoke.
“Listen, I’m sorry. This is not your fault, I should have checked the closing hours too. Don’t be mad at me. I’m just so stressed out right now and I was talking without even thinking.
“It’s okay I’m not mad. This is both our fault. We have to find a way to go out instead of fighting.”

My best friend took me in an embrace before apologizing one more time. We could never stay mad at each other… I then remembered I had my phone in my backpack. I hoped I still had battery after the hundred pictures I took that day. I turned it on, I had 11% left. Juliette cheered, we were saved. We thought so ! The screen said “NO SERVICE”. We tried to find network in the room, moving my arm up and down, until we gave up.
“We are the unluckiest persons on earth !” said Juliette sadly. Her comment made me chuckle even though I was nervous. Since we had some time to kill we decided to explore the museum, after all, we didn’t have the time to finish before all of this drama ! Room after room, I started to be hungry. “Aren’t you hungry, Ju ?”
“I thought you would never ask ! What do you have to eat ?”
“Hum… Nothing… Do you have anything ?”
“Well I have gums… How are we going to eat ?” As Juliette said this I saw a sign saying “Cafeteria on your right”. We took the corridor, looking for the cafeteria. When we finally found it we realized it was huge. I don’t know how we could not have seen it before. There was at least a hundred tables ! Juliette made her way behind the bar counter. “There’s only alcohol here ! And… Tea… We won’t survive with cups of tea !
“There must be some snacks ! Hold on.” I joined her behind the bar counter. She was right, there was only tea. Maybe English people could survive with it but we couldn’t ! We had to find something to eat. Suddenly, my best friend’s eyes lit up.
“A vending machine ! There’s a vending machine in the big hall ! Oh my god let’s go there !” We started to run down the cafeteria looking for the hall. We quickly did and saw the machine. Unfortunatelly it was turned off, we couldn’t buy the snacks in it. How frustrating… We tried to shake it to bring down snacks, Juliette even put her hand in the machine through the hatch and tried to grab something. After many attempts Juliette said “Okay the easy way doesn’t work.” She grabbed the fire extinguisher next to the vending machine. “Move back please”. I did as said. She lifted the fire extinguisher in the air and broke the vending machine glass in a deafening noise. I was shocked at her braveness. We finally could eat ! We took few snacks and sat on the ground. I ate so many M&M’s my stomach hurt. I thanked Juliette for breaking the machine. If she hadn’t done it we would have been starving. We used our bags as pillows we both fell asleep on the floor.
I woke up with two security agents above me. I let out a little scream before figuring out they looked worried for us. “Miss ! What are you doing here ? Are you okay ? Why is there broken glass everywhere ?” the tall one said. “Humm… Actually we were locked in the museum overnight…” I explained everything to them, they seemed to understand and said they were really sorry. I woke Juliette up and the agents apologized to her as well. The museum was so sorry that they offered us to pay our whole trip, hotel, activities and flight. After all it wasn’t that bad…
Claire Rouaud 2°4Hall Museum Birmingham



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Trip to Sheffield

             Today should have been an ordinary day. I shall have had to get up with some minutes of delay as in my habit, then leave in a great hurry while calling my superior, who had to wait for my call, to know the next place of my job. He would have pointed out to me any city and I shall have crossed the day there, discovering places and I shall have been inspired by the beauty of the city or by its mysterious side, what would then have allowed me to write my history. Because yes, working for the Redacteurs Web Freelance, I had to find thrilling stories to be told. It is necessary to say that at the moment the boss doesn’t appreciate my writings too much, he says that he doesn’t find enough actions there, that he needs the adventure, rebounds! That’s true that the most part of my colleagues invent the most unlikely stories them some that the others. I do not say that I would not like to do it also, but I CANNOT. I’m in complete lack of inspiration, and on top of that the boss always exchange me in impossible places. For instance last time, therefore last week, I had been in a small village in the north of Africa. Well, what did he want me to write over there? The inhabitants were only going to get some water, then come back to work, children played under attentive looks of the adults outside, fluttering you will say to me. Whereas my colleague found herself sent to Brazil, under the sun in a corner of Amazon, she even had the chance to meet an indigenous family. I got lost, all that to say that today I did’n’t expect to be sent to a small city of England that the existence of which I would never have believed. My boss thinks that I could find the inspiration by seeing the very big greenery of this city. It more does not remain than to prove his statements. It only remains to check his words.

I therefore arrived on the way, crossing sign  » Sheffild « . I ventured into the city, without knowing where to go. Everything looked banal. I opted for the « Sheffield Winter Garden » finally, after all they had me be inspired with the nice flowers of the city. The view of the building was splendid, everything was made by wood and window panes so we can see inside and flora which populated this place. I entered therefore, with the hope of finding ideas while strolling like I always do it. Hope that should be quickly swept, in spite of view that gave these huge palms, or its firs and its colored flowers, no helps me to find an idea. By seeing my poor mine, and wanting probably to do her job, an old woman seeming to work there headed for me.

‘Good morning madam, are you looking for something? Can I help you?’ she started speaking with a smile.

‘Humph, and definitely if you know how to give the inspiration to a young woman who has broken down of idea for her novel, then yes you can it’ I answered.

She smiled at me and took a mysterious side before leaning towards me as though she was going to issue me the secret of the century.

‘Well, madam, you arrived in the good city if you want of the mysterious. It would say that the chatsworth house is even haunted at the moment by his inhabitants.’ she says to me with a pure British accent.

Stories of ghosts? I looked at her, waiting for me at a joke. Then after all, what did I have to lose? And then I could imagine the history of these inhabitants of reappointing. I thanked her therefore and decided to leave the greenhouse. I stopped off on the way in a restaurant named Las Iguanas which wasn’t far from the garden. I sat down at a table asking what they served. They gave me a card and I saw that they specialized in the Mexican food and in seafood. Well, why not! I end up choosing Fajitas home made, accompanied by their cocktail ‘Happy Hour’ which seemed to make this restaurant rather popular. Having eaten in this convivial restaurant filled with yellow and red colours, I decided to pace Fargate street which would give me surely answers on where and how to find this famous haunted home. I began my walk therefore, always by strolling from shop to shop already imagining me what could be the buildings of this city of hundreds years of age… Being passionate in history I could say that it was certainly not this very luxurious shop of a mark that was unknown to me. I stopped in the tourist building and asked reception directly the place of my wishes. They pointed out it to me, then recommended me a booklet speaking about the family of the the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire who lived in the house. I learnt with suprise that the familu was part of the famous family Cavendish who was a very rich and influential family in England in the XVIth century. Arrived on the place, I pointed out that the home which was is disante haunted, didn’t disturb the visitors of this city. It is necessary to say that with this huge domain and this lake which had to make the triple of my flat, the outside was splendid. I needed around thirty minutes to notice all that the outside gave, and I imagined the children of this noble family, running in this very too big garden for them. I discovered the inside of the building then. I wasn’t sure but outside I believed see that the roof was accessible, it would be necessary that I inquire in near the personnel. I therefore went around places, and finished to arrive in a huge living room. It was perhaps the blow of my imagination but I heard suddenly the door slamming with force, and the lights began to fade. Definitely, I have issues the fact that it didn’t bother me to write something about ghosts, but I don’t want to see it! I began to panic and decided to go out as quickly as possible of this room, which I thought more frightening right away.

Apart from this mysterious passage, nothing unusual happened to me during the visit, it is necessary to say that I quickly left without asking if I could go to the roof. Taken out of this place which gave me the gooseflesh consequently, I decided to go to drink a coffee to put my ideas back in place. I took back my car therefore and set off in search of the ideal cafe, which I end up finding some metres farther. I entered therefore in the cafe called Tamper Coffee, it was a rather big room, with wooden tables. It was very pretty, the front of the building which are black has already let receive light and warmth which cleared this room. I sat down therefore at a table having ordered a gourmet coffee . I recovered ideas in place, maybe what had happening in this room was my imagination? With this grandmother who told me the story of a haunted castle, then my imagination which asked only to be stimulated, it was very pobable. A window must be opened or I don’t know what and then in these old castles there were probably problems of current. With this fear crossed, I have no intrigue for my story finally. Finally I have a title but where this is alone going to lead me? I also have some ideas in actual fact, but it would be as all other stories which I shall have written heretofore, without actions nor rebounds, flavorless. It is something which can get fired. I retorted therefore some small coffee, delightful besides, with a morose air. On the side right of the building I saw a small poster on which it was written: ‘ SIBA BeerX 2016 at Ice Sheffield ‘. It would seem that it is an animation where the best beer of England compete, are made this accompanied with music, with food stall on streets as well as of repeated of match of rugby. It would also seem that this animation starts from this evening. Afterwards why not, this would change me my ideas. I decided to wait leaving evening to go around shops of the city as well as the appronfondir my knowledge of this small city, if we skipped the haunted castle. I went therefore once again to street Fargate and fargate streetdid some shopping. After more than one hour of stores, I end up re-going out and seeing the stands of food putting on in place, I headed for my car, parked not far from there to put down my purchases there. I left again in city, taking for a walk between stands, drinking some beers to passage, and finally screw the night fallen very slowly. When I saw that my watch shown more than twenty-two hours crossed, I left towards my car to come back home, after my day here was ended, and hadn’t proved to be very conclusive. Not having drunk enough to be drunk, I wondered if I did’nt have hallucinations by not seeing my car on its place. No, it was not possible really! I still have keys in the pocket of my leather jacket, nobody could have been able to steal it. ‘Reflect little, concentrate you’ I sermonized mentally.

I turned and searched the particular colour of my car being of a shrill red. Any cars takes here, nowhere. I lost patience when I had see not far from there, a long trace of essence which ran along the road and went back up to theprecise place where was my car before. According to this trace, I found myself quickly in front of the castle of the ancient Duke. Really? I see my car very close to the window overlooking the living room. With the black who encircled me I was really not reassured, especially that the headlights of my car been lit the room with a powerful light. Definitely, it was really strange, me who did not believe in ghosts I began settling some questions. I went up to my car and it is there that I saw it. A small notebook was, put down on the passenger seat of my car there, it had the ancient air, damaging with its coverage of a red blood color. I didn’t pay it directly attention, preferring taking in my car fast into the binnacle, putting contact and leaving in waterspout before seeing appearing a mind in front of my eyes.

Once only come back into my home, under the duvet of my couch, reassured and while wanting more to think of these strange things, I examined this strange book. I opened it therefore and I began to leaf through. It is there that I had a revelation. A brillant idea. And this book and the past events a little rather went help me. I had finally found my history, full of adventure and I prefer to be confronted to ghost that being fired.

The end

Tourmente Pauline



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One week just as terrifying as funny

Today Tuesday, February 7,2017, I ‘ll tell you a story that will forever be in my heart, It was Saturday, May 7, before writing more moor about it let me tell you what happened before, I was with my three friends Solyne , Sirine and Angel and we had planned a trip to Brighton long ago

We were to Brighton for three days, Angel and Sirine were not really fans of England but one day they called me and told me that they wanted to do a trip with me and solyne to Brighton.

Once we arrived , our only thought was to have fun and enjoy the most of our stay in Brighton, I was the only one who knew a little bit Brighton so I wanted to go in the Royal Pavillon, but my friends told me that it would be impossible because we had to book our tickets earlier so I decided to stay in the garden outside of the Royal Pavillon .

It was just wanderful, I was amazed by this place it was very sunny so I was able to savor the moment , we took a lot of photos. At night we decided to eat in Brighton Pier ,we met new people with which we had a lot of fun. At night in Brighton Pier everyone is crazy , so our new friends decided to show us around the city , we visited beautiful places, that night ,my eyes have seen extraordinary things that I still can not believe .

We returned to the hotel at 5 pm but I was only with Solyne bacause Sirine and Angel stay to party with our new friend. When they returned, they brought us back english specialities , we went to bed around7 am.

The next morning , the director of the hotel left us a note that said we had to leave the hotel because we occupied the most beautiful hotel suite and we had to go because very rich people needed this suite. We had only 10 minutes to leave the hotel .

We were in panic because no one knew where we were going to sleep, I was disgusted I didn’t want to return in France it’s was too early but we didn’t have the choise . Sririne had a very good idea and proposed to go to our new friends home , we called them and they were ok ,

30 minutes after we were at their home , I didn’t feel very well but it would pass,
The next day we decided to stay out side until the dawn to see Brighton at the night and very early in the morning, so around 15:30 pm we went out ,
I wanted to visit Brighton in Volk ‘s Electric Railway . And it is from there that I ‘ve started to panic, because the girls were too noisy , they played like kids and I was ashamed .

One moment we were on a coast and Angel jumped out of the electric railway, she fell and hurt her leg . The electric railway stoped and driver called the police and ambulance they took Angel , the policeman said that she would have a lot of problemes because the pasagers tell the pomice that Angell , Solyne and Sirine wee too noisy

After that Angel didn’t want to stay at Brighton any longer , she was completely angry and said it was all my fault. The girls said since we arrived they hadn’t so much fun like me , I was sad, girls decided to leave and I stayd alone.

They told me that they wouln’t go outside, so I decided to go to the Royal Pavillon when I was in the Pavillon Gardens I saw the girls laughing , having fun without me, I was very angry at them . The times pased and everything was as before , it was may 7 and we had to go back to France the next day . For this day we decided to go averywhere and of curse with out new friend

We visited the Royal Pavillon all together , but Angel the “badgirl” wanted to touch the paintings despite the fact that it was forbbiden , a lady told her to not touch it but she didin’t care and touch it again, she called the police and they took her again , like they already knew her she had to pay money if she wanted to go out .

No one had any money so she stayd for a long time at the police office , we decided to look for money as we could , for example ask to the passers by, I was the only one to do that the others didn’t care . It was like they wanted to spoil this day because Mika , Sophie , Daniel and Austin ( our new friend) were arrested too , so it was just me solyne and sirine

But in the end I found myself alone , Solyne and Sirine were arrested too I didn’t know how but I saw them in the police car , searching money all alone for seven person wasn’t easy . I found it strange their behavior this day , people came and told me that if I wanted to find the money to get my friends out of the prison I had to follow a particular path

I arrived in London Road , it was the night I saw a lot of people , food , music and beautiful lights decorations , and then , all my friends with the police men and the people that told me to go there . They were all there , having fun . And then when they saw me they creamed “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY” . It wasn’t my birthday so I turned to see if they were talking to another person , but no it was me and then I remembered that I’ve told them that I would like to celebrate my birthday in a summer time

It wasn’t cold outside , I love the wind so there was a perfect wind , it was not too hot , everyone had fun it was on the street so I was able to meet a lot of people , at 11 pm everyone was gone, we had finished to clean the street and were back at home.

The next day , before leaving we took a time to say goodbye to all of our new friends because we had a lot of new friends , we spend a day all together , just ma and the girls to remind us the memories of this week. It was better than I tought because for me the girls wouldn’t appreciate Brighton , but no, they told me to come back the next year .

This is why I will always remember this week , maybe it was not an amazing trip , but for me it is . We had a lot of fun and sometimes it was a little bit hard to stay all together without any conflits. I met new people , I’m still friends with them , I learned how other people lived .

And the better of this trip , my friends are fantastic , I thought they wouldn’t remember . They scared me but after I was the happiest girls in the world .

Dear sister

I’m writting you this letter , to share my feelings with you , my friends had made for me a surprise party, in the street and it was very cool . next time I would like you to come with me.
I miss you so much , and I’m happy to go back home and see you . Give a hug to everybody , I am coming soon and I have a lot of surprises for you
I’m exited because I’m going to take the boat I know that you don’t l ike boats , but you should try it.

Hugs and kisses , see you later ! brighton





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A day in Hastings

Today, I will tell you one day during my holidays in Hastings. I was on the road to meet John and Madison, my two childhood friends at the Pelican Dinner. It was my last day in Hastings and I wanted to enjoy this day a lot. I was really impatient and enthusiast to see them again, morever i hadn’t seen them for a long time. They missed me a lot.

I was discovering the city when suddenly i arrived in the restaurant and they were already here.There was a little and sympathic restaurant. On a wall, there are differents frames with pictures of the famous castle. They had installed in a gorgeous little table outside in front of a beautiful fountain. I was hungry because I walked a lot. We have ordered three burgers, one vegatarian for Madison. We told us our «days» from the last time we had seen together. The burgers arrived; they were very delicious!

After we decided to order a dessert because it was cobed but not enough. Madison wanted a crumble, John a pudding and I, an apple pie..That was fabulous!

Then John decided to go to the Jerwood Gallery because he loves art. We were walking on the street. It was amazing with beautiful houses and monuments. The gallery and the architecture were impressive. There were lots of people so we waited a long time…


There gallery was very huge and there were lots of painting and art. John was in love, Madison didn’t like one part of the gallery because it was too much «abstract» for her…

It was 2:00 pm and I had to take my train at 5:00 pm.

Morever, we had opportunity to follow a group and we listened to the guide; we learned a lot about the dates, the ideas meant in the painting, it was very interesting.

We walked from room to room, admirating the differents sculptures, painting and draw when Madison wasn’t good, maybe because there were too many people…so we have done a little break and we were in front of a beautiful painting with lots of colors. We liked it all of us.

It was 3:30 pm, the time pasted very fast and we haven’t done all the visit yet..and me, I absolutely wanted to do all because I loved it and I wouldn’t return to Hastings, I wanted to take advantage of my last hour.

Suddenly, while I was admirating a scupture, someone pushed me on the fall..and I did’nt find again to my precious friends, given the people ther was. I was totally in panic! I didn’t what to do, it was 16:30, my train waited me soon. I decided to finish the visit alone.

I was so bad because i didn’t say goodbye to them.

Finally, I went to the Hastings railway station. I walked a lot because the gallery was so far, I was tired.

Once arrived, I went to see the board where the time of the arriving and departures of the train were marked. I looked on my train but I didn’t see it..I was surprised. I decided to go to speak with a controller if he had news about my train. The railway station was very huge, there were lots of floors so I got lost.

First at all, I went to the library and I asked to the salesmen where was the office of the controller and he told me he was on he third floor between the bar and the post office. I walked straight off. I asked him why my trains wasn’t wrote..’Because it is late’, he said to me.

Seen that, i had time, I decided to do shopping in the railway station, morever there were lots of shop, it was cool! But I couldn’t find my friends again..maybe they were spending a good day without me? I bought lots of dresses. I walked on the diffents floors of the railway station and i decided to eat a little thing because I was hungry…I returned to the board, i saw my train will arrive at 18:30…

Then, I went to a coffee in front of the railway station to drink a hot chocolate. The place was very cute, there were sofa to sit down and there was music of the 90s. The atmosphere was very cool and a waiter asked me what I wanted to drink, ‘a hot chocolate, please’ I answered.

When I was drinking my chocolate, I saw a girl and a boy who looked like a lot Madison and Jonh. So I called them and they joined me on the sofa. I hadn’t a lot of time so we had to go faster then i thought. We drank three chocolate and after I said goodbye to them. I said to them we will see us again soon, they will miss me a lot and i won’t forget them.

John embrased me and Madison gave me a kiss. It was 18:15, I had to return to th railway station if I didn’t want to miss my train. John and Madison accompanied me to my train.

I rose in my train. It was a big one, a TGV. There weren’t lots of travelers inside and I found my place at once. I walked past a pleasant moment aboard this train. We had a beautiful view during the travel.

A fiew moment later, a controller came to control my ticket and he proposed me to drink a coffee in the bar car. I went to drink one. We had left for one hour..in front of me, there was a men, who was reading a book and next to him, I could see a girl with her mother, she was wearing a beautiful dress.

Then, we did a break in a railway station, it wasn’t very planned…it was because a men didn’t have his ticket so the controller took him outside. We lost 10 minutes…

After that, I was tired a lot so I slept a moment and i thought again about my day with John and Madison. It was fabulous.

When I woke up, there weren’t anybody next to me…they were all came down the railway station before. I was almost arrived in Paris, in 1hour and 30 minutes. The train went faster than at the begining. It was surprising.

The controller announced the Paris station in 10 minutes. I was ready to go out the train and arrive to Paris. I was impatient to see my city again . Normally, my brother was waiting me on the quays. The train entered the station so I stood up me, took my bag and went out the train. My brother was here, very happy to see me again (i hope!)

I began to tell him my holidays, all the things i have done..




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Easter eggs

Something incredible happened to me during the last Easter holidays. I was visiting Windsor city with my family.

On a sunny afternoon we were all enjoying the quietness of Windsor Great Park on one of its walking trails. For once, my brother was not a pain. The weather was cool and bright. We were supposed to go to the Theatre Royal after that. I keep a very good memory of this moment.

I was strolling off the main path of the woodland, alone, day dreaming. I was thinking about my dog we couldn’t take with us, who had to stay home. He would surely enjoy this park which was a hunting forest at the time of the Saxon kings. I knew this park was full of mystery. The legend of Herne the Hunter was still in the air. Herne used to be one of the keepers of the Forest of Windsor, full of oaks, when Richard II was king. He was the king’s favorite because of his hunting skills and his fellow hunters hated him and plotted against him. Since then, his ghost has haunted the park.

An odd sound coming from a bush broke this peaceful moment. I watched in that direction but I didn’t see anything weird. It sounded like a crack. I was about to get back to my parents when I heard the sound again. I tried to get closer to the sound, but I could not work out the origin. A moment later, without knowing why, I came to an odd part of the park which I had not noticed before. It was so different, much darker, quite creepy. Unlike other trees, these ones were not budding. Three little Easter eggs were lying in a nest on the ground, next to an oak. So, I got closer. They were very colored and adorned. I still have them in my room at the boarding school. Sometimes I look at them and I remember this time of carefreeness. A time when I had parents to take care of me. Anyway, next to this oak not only were there eggs but there was also a glass door. A door which led to another world.

I got lost in it when I discovered Fudge Kitchen, a shop of craftsperson making caramel. It was quite impressive. I was caught by the rotary movements of the machine. It was at that moment I found out that I was not in the real world. Everything was more fluid. It was as if everything was different. I felt I was different. It was as if I were watching the scene through a screen. I found everything so fascinating. This world was worthy of interest. As if everything was perfect. I felt free.

For a moment I forgot who I was and how I got there. It was not the world I knew. I had to find my family but I did not know how to meet them and I did not have any idea of where they might be.

I was not myself without my family. I felt incomplete. Then, I had a flash: the Theatre Royal. We were supposed to go there to see Lord of the Flies, the story of a group of schoolboys stranded on a desert island. I was still in Windsor, but maybe I could find a way to meet them there. At once, I headed to the Theatre Royal. I had never had so much energy. Oddly enough, I perfectly knew where I was going and where the Theatre was and the only map I had was in my head. I felt as if I knew everything. I did not decide when I had to change direction. I did not control my legs any longer. They were running by themselves. The only thing I could do was watch, watch where they were bringing me.

In that new world, I felt different emotions. I first felt captivated by these odd world, then I felt free, invincible and finally it was a feeling of no control. I realized that it was a world of feelings. My perception of feelings was changed. I could not read into this world. I had to find them. « Them ». I only had this word in my mind.

As incredible as it might seem, my legs brought me to the Theatre Royal. I could not believe my eyes. I was just in front of the Theatre. I was almost crying. After the distress of never seeing my family again I started hoping again. Hoping that they would come back to me.

After few moments of wandering, I felt disarmed. As if I was naked. Where were they? I was saying to myself: « I did not do all this for nothing. ». I entered the theatre. It was built on Thames Street and opened on Tuesday the 22nd of August 1815 with a production of ‘The School for Scandal’ by Sheridan.

I told the cashier that I was lost. I was ashamed. It was as if I was a six year-old boy waiting for his mum in a mall. She ignored me, she absolutely did not care about me. Was she thinking … that I was joking? It was as if I was transparent. Nobody cared about me. Was I really me?

Watching at my appearance distressed, an old passer-by asked me.

Are you lost, son?”

Well, I am looking for my parents”

If I were you I would g to Windsor Castle”

A fraction of second later the bystander was gone.

Windsor Castle! The old man was very odd but also right. My mother had booked a visit of the castle at 4pm; there was a special exhibition to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of the playwright William Shakespeare in 1616: a drawing of Romeo and Juliet by Princess Victoria, the future Queen Victoria was on display for the first time, a copy of the Merry Wives of Windsor, books, works of art which belonged to monarchs… I immediately came back to the park where I took the direction of the Castle. I entered it and I took a ticket. I visited the different living rooms, the queen Mary’s dolls’ house and the states apartments. It was richly adorned. I did the complete tourist tour but no track of my family. I was desperate. Then, I left the castle and I entered St George’s Chapel. Outside I had missed the changing of guards. The inside of the chapel was wonderfully colored. There were so many coats of arms from English knights. But I still did not find my family.

The only way I had to get back to my parents was the police station. I needed the help of the authorities. One more time, I did not control my body until I arrived to the police station located in Goyau Street. The name of the French historian specialized in religious history made me feel home sick…

I felt a bit ridiculous with people who had real issues, pressing charges and I also felt disturbing for the policemen I annoyed with my odd problem. I, the little French teenager lost in Windsor. After this embarrassing moment when I said to the police that I was lost, they looked for my parents. They kept me in the police station waiting for a sign from my parents.

They told me that if nobody came to fetch me, they would call a social worker. The next day, a social worker came to visit me to organize where I would stay waiting for my family. I was supposed to stay for a few days in England and then I would get back to France.

Meanwhile I had to stay in a cell with all the criminals, maybe murderers. One of them came to me. He looked so big, mean and frightening! I panicked because he started to shake me up. I screamed and I wanted to fight back. Suddenly, I opened my eyes. It was my brother who was shaking me.

Windsor great parkHey! I’m talking to you! Were you daydreaming? Again! Come on, we are leaving. We are going to the theatre and we’re late!”

Pierre Verhaeghe-Windsor



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My last day

My last day

I was walking along the riverside of Edinburgh, holding my lover’s hand while looking around is. It was summer but the sky was cloudy, which did not stop us from enjoying the moment. I watched the Water of Leith flowing beside us, while I was trying not to think about the fact that i had to leave this place soon. It was my last day here. Tomorrow, I would be going away, in France, to continue my studies… I was gonna be missing so many people and so many places… Aside from the bad weather, the capital of Scotland was a really pretty city. I thought about the castle of Edinburgh, that i went to visit multiple times with my family when I was young. I would not be able to go to the fringe festival anymore, any of the other festivals or even just go to my favorite cinema…

It was hard to say goodbye. There were tears, and there were cries. We held each other a lot, and it hurt my heart to see him like that. He told me I meant everything to him, and that he did not know how he will keep living after tomorrow. He asked me if I would come back. Hardly swallowing my tears, I sadly told him no. I thought it would hurt too much, to see him from times to times only to leave him again. I thought it was for the best, and that we maybe should stop our relationship there. After our last kiss, I walked away, trying so hard to not look back, as I knew it would make things worse.

After my boyfriend left, i decided to go take a walk in the city since I had some time left. Wiping away the rest of my tears, I strolled down Victoria street. I kept looking at my favorite shops, yet I was not in the mood to go visit any of them. I decided to do something I had never done : go on top of the Scott monument. I went up to it, and stared at it for a moment. It’s a 60 meters high monument, which is quite impressive and attracts a lot of tourists. I paid the few pounds it took for her to be able to go up. I climbed the 300 steps, and finally arrived at the top to find a breathtaking view. It was like i was re-discovering my hometown. I could see the Edinburgh castle, on top of the city’s volcano, the Arthur seat. After a moment, i walked down the stairs, briefly looked at Scott’s statue, and decided to sit down in Prince street’s gardens. I sat in the grass, the sky cleared up and the sunshine managed to get to me. It was so calm around me, yet I could see all the busy shops across the street, offering such a contrast with the gardens. It was at that moment i realized, that i did not want to leave.

After calling him without him answering, I started running, without anywhere to go. I wanted to hold him against me. I kept running, watching my surroundings like you watch an old movie, full of ghosts and memories. People stared at me like I was crazy, stepping out of my way, because it felt like I could not stop. I kept hearing Freddie mercury’s song « don’t stop me now » in my head, and even though I truly felt like a shooting star burning through the sky, I kept pushing that thought away. It hurt even more because it was the song that was playing when we met at that bar downtown. I kept running. Running away from my feelings, from my responsibilities, from the people who would tell me to « grow up, stop being selfish and take that opportunity that is going away for my studies ». As selfish as it may be, I did not want to leave. I wanted to listen to my heart for once. Matter of a fact, right now, all I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears. I was out of breath, but some curious power was pushing me forward, until my vision started to blur and I felt kinda dizzy… I then stopped. I looked around me. I was in the middle of a street and some people started to gather around a building. I looked up, curious, and my whole body froze when I saw what was the object of their worry.

My boyfriend of two years was standing on the edge of the roof of this building. People were screaming things at him and it looked like he could barely hear them. I started screaming too, giving up the last of my strength, and started running, pushing people away. I entered the building and started running up the stairs, ignoring the janitor telling me I could not be there. I went on the roof and ran to him, screaming at the top of my lungs, as my arm reached for him before he leaped into the void.
At that moment, something broke inside of me. I still could not stop running, and I went to go after him. I jumped. I felt the wind on me, almost choking me. I reached for him again, I tried screaming but I could not. I saw the ground coming closer. I was getting closer to him, and closer to death. I reached once more, and my fingers grasped the fabric of his sweatshirt. I held him against me. For the very last time, I felt at home.

Anna Florit




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It was a summer night. I lived in a small English town, downtown. There were about 3 000 inhabitants only. It was 8:00 pm, when I was driving back home from a party with some of my best friends. I was about to get in, when I automatically passed my hand around my neck, to touch my necklace, my grandmother’s present. But, to my surprise, it wasn’t there. It had vanished. Panicked, I decided to turn out and return from where i came from, to find my precious jewel. While I was running, an old lady, with big blue coat and a wool cap called me, in front of the cholera monument ground, a big tour in the middle of a park. She shouted:

« Where are you going like that, young laddie? » 

Breathless, i tried to explain her quickly:

I’m looking for my necklace, it‘s blue and round.

Oh! I saw a man, with a pretty necklace exactly like the one you’re telling me about! » she replied.

Really?! Where?! And when?!

Ten minutes ago, just next to Magna, you know the science museum. It seems to me that he was waiting for someone.

Thanks, thanks a lot! »

I immediately turned back to Magna, a huge edifice, a museum in fact, that is dedicated to sciences. It’s a very modern edifice, you can’t miss it. I was hoping to find this man. Few minutes later, as I arrived, i saw a man, probably in his twenties quite beautiful. I walked right to him, he noticed me, and asked with a pleasant smile:

« May I help you?

Yes, in fact I was looking for a man who has a necklace… it belongs to me, I’m looking for it…

I did not see him. But if you’re lucky, he’s an honest man, he placed it at the town hall. Do you want me to

come with you?

Thanks, but no Thanks. Your information already helped me a lot, bye ! »

wait I.. Bye! »

he didn’t have time to finish, I was already gone to Sheffield’s town hall. In front of it, there were many people. Thirty maybe. In front of the big edifice, there was a fountain, a big clock, and lots of windows. Obviously, it was in the middle of the town, and the most known monument of Sheffield. It was really old, but still splendid.

« – Excuse me! Excuse me!

What are you looking for, you? Aren’t you too young to be there? It’s an old persons

meeting here. Tell me, what are you looking for? »

It was a very old and small lady. Heavily made up, well capped. There were only people like that in here.

Desperate, I explained her:

« – I‘ve lost my necklace, and a woman told me she saw a man who had it. Someone told me he probably

went to the town hall, to placed it, but i can’t see him. Did you? »

Of course I did. He went to the cathedral, You know, it’s an edifice named St Peter and St Paul, it’s giant,

it’s in the middle of the town, two minutes away from here.

Yes I know, i often go here. Thanks a lot! »

So, I went, hoping I will finally find out my precious necklace. Once I was there, i first saw no one. But then, I saw a shadow, behind a big tree. A man‘s shadow. I got him! The thief! The one who got my jewel! I approached, faster and faster, but he still didn’t see me. But suddenly, a woman came out of nowhere. They kissed, and he looked at her and said

« – Look honey, it’s for you. It’s a necklace, I bought it this afternoon, I tough you’ll like it. »

He take out off his pocket a necklace, blue and gold, but it was not mine. He was lost. I thought i will never see it again. I was sure I lost it, that someone stole it, I will never wear it again. I moved, strolling in the streets of Sheffield, my childhood city, of misery and love, my quiet town, with all the Young, the old, mums and dads, and all the children. I walked pass by the bakery, the school, the train station, the town hall, super market, the museums again, the library…While I was walking around, I though about who much I love this town. Everything is so calm there. In the Norfolk row, the street that I like the most, There is a coffee, where you can come in the afternoon and drink tea with your friends, watching the tourists taking pictures if them in front of the Cathedral Church of St Marie. I finally decided to go home, by midnight, after passed by all the big monuments, and walked in all the smalls streets. Once I was home, I looked for my keys in my pockets, almost crying, when my hand touched a cold metal, that wasn’t my keys. I grabbed it, got it out off my pocket, and… Miracle! It was my necklace! I had forgotten to check into my pockets!

I keep from this experiment a very particular memory, because you know, i was so scared that night, but i felt really stupid finding it in my pocket.

Now, I don’t panic anymore, and don’t run trough the town before looking around me. The things we love the most always stay by our side, and you don’t need to reverse an all town to know it.

The End

Pensée Pommier



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A Victorian Story


“Hi young girl ! What are you doing in « the Devil’s Tavern » ?”
When I looked up my head, I saw a drunk man who was stinking fennec. I looked around me and I became aware of that I was in a pub full of scary persons, brigands, varlets but also prostitutes. The pub was very shabby with black beetles and rats which were crossing it while drunkards made as if there was nothing. The floor was sticky because of the whisky which was probably bowled. The odor was mixing of perspiration and alcohol, it was lousy. At the front door, they were men who were teasing prostitutes. The women looked desperate. We could see their breasts on the other side of the city. Their hair were scraggly, their dress and make-up were wet because of the rain outside. Few seconds after, I realized that I was in another era, thanks to my clothes. Indeed, I wore a dress with a corset, the dress was made of cotton and was brown. I also wore leather lace-up bootees.

I was trying to understand where I was when two men penetrated in the pub. One of them, was the tallest person I ever saw, and the thinest too. He had piercing green eyes which made a strange feeling. He wore a strange hat and a fancy coat. He was smoking a pipe. The other man who was following him was the opposite. He was little and corpulent, he limped and had a cane. We could see that he was not quids in a place like that. I already knew that those men could help me, I did not know why but it was like an obvious fact. So I plucked up courage and I crossed this squalid pub to go and sit at the table of the both men who were dignified of the famous books of Sir.Arthur Conan Doyle. The tallest man was not surprised to see me at his table, as was like if I was absent. I did not have to say a word that he told me quickly “We are in the pub « Town of Ramsgate » which is called « the Devil’s Tavern » by criminals. We are in London just on the bank of River Thames, we are exactly in the east of London, Queen Victoria is reigning and we are in 1888. Any question ?’’
“How do you do that ?”
He glowered at me as if I was dorky.
The other man told me “He won’t talk to you”.
I was asking me a lot of questions when a drunk man came and said to the tallest man
“Sherlock Holmes ! Where are my £150 ?”
“Polish, please. You are speaking to the most famous detective of London !”
“I am speaking to a conman and a liar !” At this moment, more than ten men told the same fact about him.
“You should go away miss !” said the other.
The two men intrigued me so much that I waited them outside hoping they would leave the pub fast. Two minutes ago, my wish was realized. Indeed the unknown persons scuttled off the pub. The tallest was saying to the other “Well Watson, I have the information I looked for so we should go to WhiteChapel now !”
“Excuse me guys, can you rally round to me ?”
“I think we have already help you” said the tallest.
“Mister Holmes, we must help her !”
“Are you The Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor Watson ?”
“Sure we are ! I am doctor Watson and he is Sherlock Holmes”
“Please, I don not know where I am. Can I come with you to WhiteChapel ?”
“It is too dangerous for a lady”
“Well mister Watson, with all my respect, you do not know how a girl can be stronger than a man”
“If this is your wish… But you are warned”. So I followed them to WhiteChapel, we had to take a barge on the River Tham’s. The Tower bridge was under construction. London was covered of a coat of pollution because of the factories. But we could distinguish two sides, the rich side which was illuminated throughout fog by a millions of street lamps. But there was also the poor side which was devoured by fog and darkness. My observation was tightened with Watson who said to me that London had two faces, the west of and the East. He also told me that we head for the East. Big Ben was ringing midnight when we occurred.

When we were in Whitechapel, I understood why Watson told me that it was too dangerous for a lady. We took an alley where drunks prostitutes accosted rich men. Watson explained to me that wealthy persons of the West sometimes came in the poorest district of London for cheap alcohols and prostitutes who were called « six pennies knees trembling ». He also told me that these convenient were called « to go slumming » in the West.Then I could discover others streets. They were not enlightened, houses were made of red-brown which were rotting because of damp. Some were destroyed too. There were families who starved to death. At the windows, we could see fifty persons in a room which gave directly to the street because of the pierced wall. These accumulations created reals slums. Fog of pollution and night added a fear which probably frightened women because there were no outside victorian storyexcept me and prostitutes. We were walking since twenty minutes in the darks streets of the East End when we heard a strident shout. We began to run towards the place where the shout took place. Watson could not run because of his leg,
« Faster Watson, faster ! » said Sherlock. When we occurred, we found a woman corpse on pavement, Sherlock approached the women and said
« We are in a yard near Berner Street. Her breast resents a frank cutting which split the left carotid. Her belly presents however no mutilation, maybe because the killer was disturbed »
« Do you think that is the work of Jack the ripper ? » asked Watson
« Jack the ripper ? Are you talking about the butcher of WhiteChapel ? »
« Hum…Yes and he is the reason why we are in WhiteChapel since one hour miss »
« How stupid she can be, Watson told her that we do not need her for this investigation please. Of course it is the work of the ripper, look at her sliced throat, the precision correspond to Jack » said Sherlock quickly
« If we conclude, the killer did not have time to finish his work. It is thus necessary to find him before he finds another prostitute ? » I added.
« She is right Watson, we have to go to the »Ten Bells » and please tell her that she has to follow us »
Ten minutes walk between the scene of the crime and the pub was absolutely terrible. It was like this alleys darkened more and more over time. We could see the detective remembered himself all the indications that he had collected for maybe several weeks of investigation. It was like he already know something.

Arrived at the bar, more of one hundred people drank not to be able to it any more. As in the « Devil’s Tavern » prostitutes tried to pick up passers-by for pens six. The street was doubtless the only one illuminated of the district, with four streetlights of course. We thus had to look for a man with a long black coat, a black top hat too, a suitcase, it was the description of several witnesses according to Holmes. The problem was that many man of west of London were present, were thus all potentially witnesses. We had thus had to infiltrate into the bar to have information. I questioned Mary Jane Kelly, a prostitute who knew the previous victims, Mary Ann Nichols and Annie Chapman. She answered me that she had seen her friends last time leaving the pub with a man in a carriage. It thus meant that it was someone of good society. The pub filled more and more. The atmosphere was more and more oppressive. The alcohol flowed in stream. I had lost Sherlock and Watson of view. Drunk, I went outside. We wouLd believed a real bawdyhouse . The alcohol took up me to the head. I looked at the window and perceived at Sherlock’s face that he had a kind of illumination and headed out. It is at this moment that we struck me in the head. A few minutes later, laid on the pavement, surrounded by Watson and Sherlock who were more frightened than me. I was trying to remember what happened to me when for the first time, the detective talked to me. He was telling me that he had a good and a bad news. The bad was that Mary Jane Kelly, the woman who was questioned by me, had left the pub, completely drunk too aboard a carriage. The good was that he discovered the identity of the ripper. At that moment I fell asleep. Two minutes later, I looked up my head and I became aware of that I was in an amphitheater full of students. They all had a laptop. A projector posted a headline which was « Psychology class : Jack the ripper, killer or victim ? ».




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The secret

The secret:

My trip in Inverness was really amazing! The city was beautiful. The weather was not really great… It snowed a lot but I was so happy to be there and to see my penfriend! I hadn’t seen her for 3 years! I am so stupid… I didn’t present myself… So, my name is Laurel and I am 22 years old. I went to Inverness with my boyfriend Derek. He is 24 years old. My penfriend is the same age as me and her name is Taryn. I live in France, in Rouen. I went there in december. I dicovered many things about my penfriend… But first, let’s go back to the beginning…

It was lunchtime when we arrived in Inverness. I didn’t see anything because there was some mist on the taxi’s window… Okay, I confessed I was sleeping too. But, the trip was so long and boring. The boat, the taxi to go to the train and again taxi… Derek was sleeping next to me like a baby. He was so cute. The taxi stopped in front of a house and I guessed that it was the house of my penfriend. The scream of Taryn woke up Derek and his face was a mixture of fear and surprise. When I went outside of the taxi, I was welcomed with a big hug from Taryn.

‘I am so happy to see you! You haven’t change a lot. How was the trip? Is it Derek here? She said’

‘I am so happy too. Yes it’s Derek. The trip was long and boring like every trips’

‘Yes it’s true. Come on, I’ve prepared the meal!’

The house was beautiful… It was an old house, with many windows. There was a beautiful garden with many flowers and trees. I was not really surprised to see that there was snow in the city. When I turned my head, I could see the streets of Inverness. The city was amazing. There were many flowers. There were many people in the street, especially tourists. The streets were made of paved, which was even more beatiful and gives a little medieval rating to the city. I had just one word, when I entered: ‘Wouah!’ It was so spacious and modern. She guided us to the kitchen and we ate and talked about eveything and nothing. Derek was not really talkative like me, but his attitude worried me a lot.
-2 hours later-

When we finished eating, Taryn decided to show us the city and its monuments. The house was not really far than the city center. The streets were like I had imagined them. Big, colorful, full of people and full of life. We could see a cathedral a little further than us and many shops, like Topshop, orange too… We decided to go to the cathedral to see it. The cathedral is located beside the river Ness. I felt that is color was red. But, It was maybe just me. There was two large towers on the facade and large stained glass window. It was just gorgeous. We didn’t entered because Derek and Taryn didn’t like church. I was a little disappointed but we were going to do shopping so…
Taryn decided to show us the castle of Inverness. When we arrived, the smell was horrible! But the castle was beatiful, really amazing… It smelled blood but an old blood. So, I knew that there a battle here between humans or not… But, lets go back to our castle… It was of red color. There was a statue just in front of it. The river was just beside. The garden was very beatiful… Many color with many flowers and trees. The castle was really big… I was really impressed. With the snow I could imagine that I were in mediaval time… It was funny.
Next, we went to the center of the city. The houses were really beatiful and funny. There were made of stone. The color was grey and there were always bounded together. It was really gorgeous. We ate at MacDonald and we saw other monuments all best and we did shopping together. We decided to go to the house of Taryn because it was a really busy day.
-at the night-

Derek and I were very tired from our day, so we went to bed very urly. It was a really great day. We did many shopping and it was funny. But, Taryn and Derek was tense… But, it was the first day, maybe they were uncomfortable. Tomorrow, we went to the Loch Ness. I was really excited! I was just like a children who are going to see the legendary Loch Ness. I would like to see the monster but I didn’t know if it’s the true… We were going to visit the castle too. With the snow it would be really magic! But, I had a bad feeling and all my senses where awakening… Including my wolf… I didn’t know why but I will be carefull. I had a question that back all the time in my head…
Do I tell her the truth about our true nature or not?

-the next day-

I was really excited to went to the Loch Ness! But first, I was going in the kitchen to took my breakfast. Derek and Taryn was talking when I went down. This is the short conversation I hear:

‘I know that you’re not telling us the whole truth Taryn. I don’t know why but I’m going to discover it.’

‘I have no secret! Stop it!’

‘You are a very good liar… But your face does not expect me.’

‘I don’t know what you are talking about but if you are dangerouse for Laurel or if you hurt her, I’m going to kill you!!!’

I was really scared… Why did he said that? I didn’t know but I decided to enter. The rest of the breakfast was really quiet. At 11 a.m we took the car and we went to the Loch Ness! We took the A82 to went there. We arrived at 12 p.m. It was magic. The sun was brilliant and we could see his reflection in the lake. Some part of the lake was jelly because it was very cold. But me I didn’t care… I love snow and I love the Loch Ness! We went more closer to see the ruins of the castle. The landscape was really magic. It was like in a fairy tale… To went to the castle, we crossed a bridge and next it was the ruins. I couldn’t say that it was not beatiful, but… it was just ruins… The view was spectacular. The mountains away, the silence, the beauty of the lake were really amazing. We decided to sit down on the floor and just look at the view.

-one hour later-

Derek and I were on the floor, still admiring the view… But, Suddenly, I realized that Taryn was not here anymore. I sayed that to Derek, and we started to chearched her… But, two hours after, she was still missing. I was panic… We chearched all the day, but nothing… she had just disasappeared. The night began to fall and the sunset was really magnificient… With the mountains and the snow, it just magic… Then, I heard a loud and far noise. It was like a scream… A wolf scream! It was Derek who called me. I ran really faster and I arrived at the castle. The scream had come from here. Derek came and look at me. He sighed and we chearched Taryn here. Suddenly, I saw two red eyes in the dark of the forest because we were here. I knew there was a danger but I groaned to say to the person that I was a werewolf. The person came and when I saw the wolf, I was not really surprised. It was a werewolf and it was the full moon. It was maybe a new werewolf because he or she didn’t know who I am. Derek arrived and groaned too. The wolf submits in front of us. Everything happened very quickly then. The wolf felt human blood and killed a tourist. When he ended his meal, he groaned to an other person… I had to do something. I ran and I turned into a wolf. My coat was white and grey and my eyes was purple because I was a legendary wolf like derek. I attacked her and immobilized her. He or she was really upset and he bit me. So, I bit him too but much stronger. He screamed and next he calmed down. He was really beautiful, his coat was black and his eyes was blue. It was an omega. Me, I was an alpha, like Derek. I didn’t see that Derek had turned into wolf to help me. I was happy. I saved a life today. Then, the wolf turned into human and I was really surprise to saw Taryn. We did the same and this is the discussion we had:

‘Taryn? You are a werewolf? Why did you not tell me that? Yes, I know, I am a werewolf too…’

‘Laurel… I am so sorry but I couldn’t tell you the truth… I was so scared… You too I imagine…’

‘Yes it’s true. But you kill someone! WHY?’

‘Calm down Laurel. I am here. Derek said’

‘I could not control me… It was the full moon… I am so sorry, really. Can we stay friends anyway? I know that I am stupid to be alone… But, I chearch a pack…’

‘Yes, It’s okay but I have one condition…’


‘Come with me. Today, my pack is not very powerful… There are just me, the alpha, Derek, an alpha too. Would you like to be in my pack?’

‘Really? Yes of course!’

We went to France and we rested together for a long time…


Fournier Camille



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The Last Walk

                              The Last Walk

« Let’s go Kate, faster ! We must go back home before 8 p.m., didn’t you forget ? Tell it to Niamh and Tom ! »

« Oh come on, it is still daylight, nothing can happen to us and we are 4, Eve ! Just relax.  » she answered loudly.

« Well, you’re not totally wrong but not too late ! »

In spite of my care, I decided to follow my friends and have a good time. The place was so pleasing, one shouldn’t miss it ? Aston Hall’s gardens were totally plunge by the last sun glimmers, this special atmosphere that I use to love so much. My mind just began to relax when, suddenly, a tinted windows van arrived driving too fast, it made a U-turn and abruptly stopped. My friends and I looked at each other, all of us wondering what was happening. The situation suddenly turned frightening. Muscled men got out of the car, quickly snapping the doors and only one man seemed thinner and younger than the other. They walked so fast in our direction as we didn’t have time to react before they caught us and throw us in the van’s boot. I immediatly tought that we had left for a long and unpleasant journey.

There was a pane between the occupants and us in the van so that we couldn’t talk to them. The car began to drive and we saw, through the window, Aston Hall manor fast get away from us. We finally realised in which conditions we were. Niamh shouted at the driver while Tom tried to calm her and I was trying to hide my tears.We noticed that it was useless to shout so we decided to stop getting angry and tried to locate where we were situated. The car was driving toward Birmingham city centre but in the direction of the nightlife area which was not really comforting. Birmingham nighlife was quite reputed to be part of drugs business and lively nightclub.

We were gazing at the surroundings, Birmingham was an attractive city especially by night yet that didn’t reassure us in the least. The height of absurdity was the fact that we were able to look all around us while anybody from outside could know that we were kidnapped. We first stopped in front of a restaurant situated in a alleyway of Brindley Place. Some of the guys got out of the van and went into the establishment. I was praying they don’t hurt anybody and just leave the customers alone. After a while, bodyguards came back each holding a little plasctic bag containing food. Kate, opening her eyes wide, asked me « Do you think they bought some food for us or is it just for them ? It’s in their interest to give us some of it otherwise, I am going to punch one of their faces ! »

« Keep calm » I quietly answered before she lost her temper « I don’t think so, look, they‘ve kidnapped us, we are kind of prisoners, you’re kidding ! They won’t feed us as babies Kate. »

« But Eve, Niamh is crying, we must try someting, a kind of protest ! Come on ! » She replied. Seeing that I didn’t totally agree, she winced. So I added « What do you suggest ? »Kate grinned and started yelling pretending crying so as to they come and ask us what was happening. But, unfortunately, they never opened the boot door so Kate had to stop quickly, hurting her throat.

The van set off again with four miserable young people at the back. Then, the driver drove as fast as he could in order to leave policemen behind as we could hear cars’ sirens. A bit further, outside seemed like everything had a joyful air whereas inside the van, the fear cleared up. We were driving past of the Symphony Hall when I caught sight of a digital clock, it was around 9:30 p.m. So I thought that my parents already should worry about my lateness and they had certainly already overran all the police stations. Afterwards, we crossed a canal and arrived in Broad Street and here the driver stopped the van in front of a nightclub located in one of the back alley of the boulevard. There was a long queue waiting to access to the club, ahead of the entrance. I was staring at girls who were in the line, they were wearing really short dresses and alreday began to drink alcohol. I didn’t really know if I felt disgust or a bit of jealousy seeing that these girls were having fun and enjoyed their youth while I wasn’t sure to stay in safety. Our mysterious abductors opened the boot door, they pulled us by force out of the van and finally tied us togeher so that we couldn’t escape. Seeing us arriving, the nightclub bouncer let us straight away got into a big dark and loud room. The thinnest man, who also seemed younger than the other, said a few words to the bouncer and I finally understood that this young man who, according to me was driving the van,was called Sam. He seemed to be the band leader and the mastermind of our abduction. At least, I made my mind up to follow their instructions through fear of the weapons they carried with self-confidence. We crossed the room, full of smoke and a hard drugs’ smell filled our nostrilsan. Most of the people, probably drunk or carried away by drugs, jostled us. They were dancing as if the night willl never end.

After have crossed the dance floor, we passed behind the bar and one staff member was waiting for us near an emergency exit door. Sam murmured some words in his ear, secretly giving him a wad of notes. This young employee opened us the door, giving a nervous look on all sides. The way out led to a little square only surrounded by buildings and for only access, a pedestrian street even so wide enough for a vehicle. Here, was waiting for us a second van, slightly bigger with pane still more tinted. Now, van’s color was grey and its number plate was, obviously different. I cast a glance toward the back alley which led to the boulevard. Tom, who was behind me, discreetly whispered in my ear « Look, we could escape, the alley give onto the boulevard, we could ask for help, don’t you think ?  »

« Are you kidding me ? We wouldn’t even have time to make three steps that they would already shoot two bullets in each of our head, that’s too risky »

« Well, if you say so… »

Tom pout but he perfectly well knew that I was right. Our kidnappers opened the van’s boot and threw us inside with the same extreme gentleness they were used to show us. We sat up straight in the boot and felt the pickup drive.

We were all looking out of the window, our last hours were close to us. We even didn’t know the reason of our kidnapping, nevertheless, I had my little idea about it, indeed, Tom’s father had a post in the police but it didn’t yet seem to me that he had to do with which gang whether it’s. We left Broad Street, then, after some bends in numerous dark alleyways, we arrived on Bristol Street, the street lamps lit up its many cafés and pubs which, tonight, were particularly packed full. The driver violently turned and at the end of this street, named Bromsgrove Street, we entered in the Gay Village. I was doing my best to remember all the places whereby we went so that I could help the police in case of we got out from here alive. After the Gay Village, we crossed River Rea and we reached Digbeth area, more especially, the Custard Factory, which I recognized right now by its many colored houses. My friends and I are used to hang out in this district, it’s one of our favorite, it’s really livelly and we know it very well. I was thinking that we would stop here or a bit further but, in my big despair, the driver kept driving. We began to leave the surroundins areas and we found ourselves in a kind of countryside. Actually, we were far from Birmingham city center but not totally lost among fields.

A huge warehouse was standing here without anything aroud. The building seemed damaged, it was a petrified and awful place. Bodyguards and their leader, Sam, opened the van’s boot and we finally got out, still tied together but we were able to breath fresh air. Almost immediately, they made us come in, where four chairs were waiting for us. There were only the four chairs and anything else, the floor was as sand and the warehouse was entirely dirty. Just then, we sat on the chairs that were intended for us and stayed quiet. Finally, Sam opened his mouth and talked to us for the first time.

« Hi my friends, it was a beautiful day, isnt’ it ?«  he began with a petty tone

We all answered yes because we were terrified especially beacause of the guns they pointed to us.

« So, I will explain it fast, all we want is a ransom from your parents, we know that you have money enough to frequent the highly renowned University of Birmingham. What my team and I will do is that I’ll call your parents, who I likely to be worried about you disapearance, and you’ll talk to them, persuading them to give us the total we want. Alright ?« 

« Alright«  we whispered because if we even didn’t agree, we didn’t want to be injured.

« Good budies ! » He shouted « Let’s begin by, er… you ! » He was pointing at Kate who didn’t realise. Next, we heard the cell-phone sounds.

« Good evening, Kate’s parents, how are you ? No, forget about it, I actually don’t care. I’m going to let you speak to your sweet daughter, apart from that, congratulations, she is very cute. Bye my friends ! » Sam had a so perverted voice as his gesture.

While Kate was speaking to her parents, Sam and his « team » as he said, were pointed gun to her. She was trying to convince her parents to give money as soon as possible but the amount was really impressive, indeed, about 5000 £ ! Kate was crying, what I heard is that her father was calling the police and her mother was asking Kate to describe the warehouse while Kate was pointed by 8 guns at least. Suddenly, lots of people pulled out the heavy warehouse’s door. Police was at last here ! But, Sam gave a jump, shooting at Kate’s leg. She howled of pain an fell on the ground. Sam bursted into tears and immediately seemed as a child. Emergency arrived really fast and Kate was taken to the hospital.

Later that night, a policemen related to Niamh, Tom and I the whole story. In fact, Sam was a student at the University of Birmingham and he took on fake bodyguards to be more impressive and to frighten us. All our kidnapping was a fake one, Sam told the police that it was a fresher initiation ritual that he worked out himself and he also admited that he wanted to make money too.

In spite of all this wretched and hurting events, everything went back to normal. Osme of us rediscover joy and pleasure a bit like me actually. Although others university’s students didn’t manage to do it and just moved far away from Birmingham. In a word, the university lost lots of students because of their parent’s care. However, this terrible adventure reinforced our relationship between Kate, Niamh, Tom and I.


Mathilde Leconte