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Women In Black!

The subject of the work inspired us a lot! With Séverine, we absolutely wanted to do it together, so we had to think about famous partners, and the movie « Men in Black » was exactly what we were looking for! The typical black and white duet, as we are.

« Men in black » is a science fiction movie, released in 1997 by Barry Sonennfeld. It talks about a secret organisation that fights against aliens who have moved on the Earth.

Neither of us has seen the movie, we really chose this picture only for the reputation of the relationship between those characters.  They are rivals but friends, they make the viewers of the movie laugh and Séverine and I make our friends laugh. We are not only friends, but also partners. We reproduced the picture as exactly as possible, we didn’t want to change anything.

We made the picture in a cinema and it was really funny because everybody was looking at us, wondering why we were wearing sunglasses indoors. It was also hard to concentrate, friends of us took the picture, they did 6 shoots before we got the perfect one.

We had a lot of fun reenacting this picture and I think that it represents us very well!




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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture



The battle of Iwo Jima was a battle fought on the Island of Okinawa. The battle opposed the United States and the Empire of Japan, it started on the 19th of February 1945 and ended on the 25th of February 1945. Raising the flag on Iwo Jima is the one of the most iconic picture of the Second World War. It was taken by Joe Rosenthal on the 23rd of Febraury 1945.

It was Amine’s idea to reenact this picture because, to him it’s an important period in the world’s history (we all agree on that too), and because it’s also a really cool picture. Well done Amine.
So how did we reenact it ?

Well, we used cooking instruments like pans, we also used a towel that represents the American flag and that we hooked it on broom, a flashy red broom. We tried as best as we can to respect their poses. As you can see Sebastien, Amin and Nathan are wearing their hoods on because Nathan’s pans were too big for our heads, and we needed more volume to wear them. We also used a filter to add a more realistic and accurate aspect for our picture.

There are lots of differences with the original artwork. First of all the angle of the camera isn’t the same, we are not wearing U.S marines uniform and we are not carrying any form of equipment what so ever, we are not raising a U.S flag on Iwo Jima in the middle of a bloody battle. And of course we are not fighting for the same cause, we are fighting against industrials because the sugar price is increasing. These heroes were fighting to liberate our world from the threat of militaristic Japan and Nazi Germany.
So that’s why we called our picture CoOkinawa
Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed our reenactement.






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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture

Pink FLOYD- Back catalogue


This picture is a part of the back catalogue (that mostly shows drawings on girls’ backs).

It was created in 1997 by the designer Storm Thorgeson. The project was originally operated by the label EMI (Beatles were produced by them) to re-edit the most famous albums of Pink Floyd.

Other examples of Back catalogue:



Storm Thorgeson was a designer and the photographer, he was born on 28th February 1944 in Potters Bar (United Kingdom) and died on 18th April 2013. He was the designer of Led Zeppelin, Muse, Pink Floyd and Genesis’ album covers.

On the picture you can see some of the most important albums : from  left to right,  » Heart atom mother  » (1970), « Relics « (1971), « The dark side of the moon » (1973), « Wish you were here  » (1975), « The Wall  » (1979) and « Animals  » (1977).

There were only four of us, so we had to choose four of the six albums of the original picture.

We chose this picture for 3 reasons :

First, we were (at the beginning) six on this project, so it was the perfect number.

Secondly, we chose it because Pink Floyd is one of our favourite bands and everybody agreed to recreate the picture.

Then, we chose it because we all think this picture is the perfect reflection of what Pink Floyd really is- mystic, weird, beautiful and above all gorgeous. It represents and describes very well what Pink Floyd try to tell  people in their songs.

-Finally, we chose it because it was very attractive to do it and we all thought it might be funny to paint Pink Floyd’s album covers on our backs.


Each of us has chosen the album to be drawn in accordance with their physical appearance and taste :

-Lisa has chosen « Heart atom mother » because she loves cows and the original girl has the same hair.

-Ada has taken « The Wall » because she is little and she has brown hair.

-Louise has chosen « Wish you were here » because it is her favourite album and she has curly hair like the original girl.

-I have chosen « Dark side of the moon » because the original girl wasn’t like me and we decided to bring a change in the new version.

We went to Louise’s home to reenact the picture :

When we arrived, we turned on the heating because it was winter and it was cold (especially because we had taken off a few clothes to paint our backs). It took  3 good hours because we were a group of four girls and some paintings were very difficult to reproduce (mainly because we are not painters). Once we had finished to paint, we had to let our  » Artwork  » dry.

Then, we went out and sat on the garden table to take the picture. At the beginning Louise started the self timer but when we went back into the house, we discovered that the picture was bad.  So, we went out again and Louise’s mother took an other picture  (it was a nice one!). Unfortuntately I caught a cold and fell ill.

There are a lot of differences between the two pictures :

On the original picture, there are six girls, whereas on ours, there are only four, because we couldn’t be more, but I guess it was better because we could really focus on the drawings  and do our utmost to recreate them.

We decided to keep our pants on because we did not want to provoke and trigger strong reactions among the readers but only to represent a band we all love and to show how powerful, successful and kind of unorthodox they are. It was only an artistic project, and absolutely nothing else. The photograph from the Pink Floyd shows girls sitting on the side of a swimming pool, but of course we couldn’t reenact it, so we just sat on the edge of a garden table, legs in the air, and then, we cropped the bottom of the picture and created a kind of border to give an impresssion of tiling. If our production was taken at night whereas the one of the group was taken during the day, it was because it was winter time and so the sun set very early. Moreover it took much time to draw the album covers on our backs. 

Margaux, Ada, Louise and Lisa.



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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

This movie was directed by Blake Edwards and released in 1991. It is based on a novel written by one of my favorite authors: Truman Capote.

I will present to you my reenacted picture.

The concept is to recreate an iconic photograph. I chose this still because Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favorite movies. I am a big fan of Audrey Hepburn, and this scene is my favorite from this film.

I « reenacted » it with my friend Cloé who accepted to play the game for me. We went and bought a croissant. I gave Cloé my sunglasses (which are just too big for her) and a necklace. It was a little embarrassing because it was in november and Cloé was in a dress with sunglasses and a croissant at 1pm in the city center. We took this picture in front of the luxury shop called Printemps.

There are many differences between the two pictures. Cloé has a long sleeved-dress and Audrey has a pearl necklace whereas Cloé hasn’t. My friend has big transparent sunglasses (light blue in fact) while Audrey has black sunglasses, and to finish Cloé hasn’t got any gloves.

Despite all these differences, I think you can recognize the iconic picture I wanted to reenact, or I hope so.


Imène Benlachtar.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset



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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture

Reenact a picture: Fournier Camille

The subject « reenact a picture » didn’t inspire me a lot at first, so, I decided to choose a picture of someone who is very important to me. I chose a picture of Charb because my mother and I really like his drawings. I chose Charb also because the terrorist attack of Charlie Hebdo affected me a lot. I was really scared and as you know there were other terrorist attacks in Paris and I wanted to show that we must never forget Charlie Hebdo and that it was horrible too. Charb was 47 years old when he died. He was a really good drawer and a journalist too. Charb had become Charlie Hebdo’s director in 2009.

It was not really easy to take this photo because it was lunchtime and my father only had 10 minutes to take a photo of me before going to work. We were also interrupted by phone calls and we took lots of pictures before taking the good one. But it was funny and we managed to do it.

There are not many differences between both pictures. In the original picture, the wall is light blue whereas the wall is dark blue in the reenacted one. Both of us have glasses. Charb is wearing a T-shirt and a shirt, just like me, but the color is different- Charb’s shirt is blue and mine is purple and white. We are in the same position, we are going to draw something and we have a pen in our right hand.

Anglais.odp Sans titreI did the best I could to reproduce  the photo, with the same clothes and the same position and I really like my reenacted photograph.



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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture

Reenact a picture by Pauline , Jeanne , Suzanne and Claire.

Abbey Road by Suzanne , Jeanne , Pauline and Claire

Abbey Road is a photograph taken to cover the eleventh album of the British band The Beatles. This album was released on 26 September 1969 in the United Kingdom. The album cover represents the band walking on a zebra crossing. On this photo we can see Lennon leading, followed by Starr, McCartney, and Harrison.

The image of the Beatles on the crossing has become one of the most famous and recreated in the recording history.

We tried to reproduce this famous picture. We took it on a Tuesday at lunchtime. Severine took the picture for us. We took it on a zebra crossing behind our high school. It was hard because we had to pose in the middle of the street and there was traffic, so we had to hurry and take the perfect shot! It took around ten pictures before taking THE one !

We reenacted (almost) the same poses as the Beatles. Suzanne is Harrison , Claire is McCartney , Jeanne is Ringo Starr and Pauline is John Lennon. McCartney originally holds a cigarette but Claire didn’t have one because she doesn’t smoke! After taking the picture we added a blue/green filter to make it look like an old picture.

What’s different from the original photo is, first of all, fashion. We’re dressed really differently, we have big coats because our picture was taken in December and their picture was taken in August, so they only wore suits.

McCartney is bare-footed but Claire isn’t (it was really cold and it wouldn’t have been comfortable for her).

The cars are really different too, on the original picture we can see a white Volkswagen Beetle whereas on our picture we can see a white Megane. We’re all girls , The Beatles were all men.

Abbey Road Original Screenshot_2015-11-25-21-23-58-1We’ve chosen this picture because it is iconic , and we all love The Beatles. Jeanne’s favorite track is Yellow Submarine , Claire’s favorite is Hey Jude , Pauline’s favorite is Here Comes The Sun , and Suzanne’s favorite is Let It Be . Jeanne is definitely the biggest fan of us all !



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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture

Reenact a picture – Nina Leen

Reenact a Picture

– As you can see we tried to reproduce the picture by wearing nearly the same clothes as the original photograph. We tried to place ourselves in the same way as the real photo. In order are Charlotte, Mathilde, Pensée, Adèle, Lou, Emma, Emma and Clément. The girls are wearing old-fashioned shoes but Clément isn’t because he didn’t have any old shoes. Mathilde is holding a cane like the second lady. Clément is reading a newspaper and wearing a hat, he is also standing away from the other girls, like the man. We tried to reproduce their poses and attempt the same look of sophistication. Charlotte is standing at the window to reproduce the first woman who is at the counter. Only two people are wearing hats, as we couldn’t find any. We tried to recreate the counter scene but we couldn’t find a similar backdrop so we chose a school court yard.

– We chose this picture because there are mostly girls and just one boy. In fact, we really wanted to do this project together, that’s why we chose a picture with many characters. Also, we found the picture funny because it shows that  women can be curious and sometimes gossip. Indeed, all the women are looking at what the first lady is doing. It is thanks to Emma L-M that we could carry out our project because, she is actually the one who found the picture.

– Nina Leen was born in 1914 in Russia and she died in 1955. She was married for many years to Serge Balkin. She began photography in Europe and then started working for a great fashion magazine. She was the first woman to work in Life’s magazine. She published 15 books in her life, including two studies of bats in 1970s or like « Woman Heroes and a Frog » … One of her most famous pictures is « The Irascibles »taken in 1950. She died at her home, in New-York on January 1st.

– First Emma L-M supervised us and helped us strike the pose, she was kind of bossy but it was really funny. To take the picture we had to put the camera on a bin with the self-timer on because we were alone. We took a lot of pictures before we had the right picture.

-As for clothes, we tried to have the same clothes or at least the same style. So we brought dresses, jackets and heeled shoes and Emma L-M came with a heap of clothes. They weren’t the same clothes as in the original photograph but they were quite similar. Clément wore a jacket, a hat and  pants and we had dresses, jackets, heeled shoes and  a hat or gloves. We also used some props like an umbrella, a newspaper and a cane.

– That afternoon, we had a lot of fun, because we were together, and we were dressed like in the 50s, and it wasn’t really pretty  but we had a right laugh ! Then we went outside and it was REALLY cold so Adèle and Emma Lesueur started dancing to get warm. Emma L-M wanted to be the « boss » and it was funny because she was like : « – You ! Come here ! And you, don’t move ! » and she was so serious while we were laughing. After we took the picture we went back home and drank hot chocolate while talking together.

– I live in a school, so we took the picture in a playground. While we were taking the picture, some children were outside, doing an activity. A man was putting bottles under pressure and throwing them in the air. It was really embarrassing because the children could see us, made fun of us, and it was difficult to concentrate with bottles flying in the air just behind us.

– Now, we would like to thank Charlotte because she  welcomed us in her home. It’s not easy for eight people to find a place to stay! And also because she prepared « tea time » or  « chocolate time » for us. We also want to thank Emma L-M for finding  the picture we reenacted, for her investment in the project because she organised everything for us and found many clothes : dresses, jackets, hats, shoes … Thank to all the team because that was really great !


nina leenThe original : Nina Leen, March 1958, Women wearing checked outfits, waiting to place bets at racetrack






photo nous




Our picture


Bertin Charlotte, Gomarin Adèle, Grandou Clément, Leconte Mathilde, Lejeune-Mannin Emma, Lépycouché Lou, Lesueur Emma et Pommier Pensée



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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture


I chose this movie picture because Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie and I love the character Mia Wallace. This is the movie poster. Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie because I love the soundtrack, the cast and the fact that there is a link between each part of the movie.
It wasn’t hard to reproduce this picture but I only had one problem, I had no model. I asked a lot of friends but they didn’t want to, so I decided to star my little sister. My sister could not concentrate so it was difficult to take the right picture at the right time. For example, when I said «Do not smile, think about someone you do not like », she laughed her head off. So I had to create an argument and I managed to take this photo.pulp_fiction-affiche
As you can see the models are not alike. On the original picture it is the actress Uma Thurman who plays Mia Wallace in the movie and  my picture shows Bertille Duvéré, my little sister. As you can notice, the woman has black hair whereas the reenacted picture shows a little blond girl. The accessories are almost the same. Indeed, they are both wearing a necklace, a black dress, have nail polish and make up. They are both holding a cigarette and have a book. However in the hand of Uma Thurman, we can see a gun but not on sister’s (because I could not have one). I feel it’s important to make one thing clear, on the poster movie, the cigarette is lit but the cigarette which is in the hand of my sister is not lit. The places are similar, both scenes take place in a bedroom. They are lying on a bed but the sets are different. On the original picture we can see a window, a lamp and a lot of pillows whereas on my picture, there is a grey wall and 12633080_1690026597947911_1585798663_ojust one pillow. The lights are not similar too. On the still, the lights are of warm colors whereas on the reproduction , I had to act a filter to try to reproduce the same atmosphere and mood.
I tried to make the same incorporation ( photomontage)  with a special software but of course they aren’t identical.

Alixe Duvéré



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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture

Reenact The Banana by Andy Warhol

Our picture represents the banana of Andy Warhol and a touch of the artist Magritte with the : «  Ceci n’est pas une banane ».
First, let’s talk about Andy Warhol. So, he was born in 1928 in Pennsylvania. He was an American painter and he was the leader of the Pop Art Movement in the 1960s.imbert-image-banane-warhol-102935408
He drew a banana with a few black spots.
This artwork appeared on the first album of Velvet Underground and Nico in 1967.
So why did we (humans) choose to embody a banana?
Because indeed, there is no similarity between a banana and a human and we wanted to show that we can be what ever we want with our three bodies, even being a banana.
When we carried out our project, we realized that it was not that simple. It was hard but it was an interesting experience.
To be a real banana, we wore yellow and black clothing and we put  black makeup on our face.
Let’s explain our position now. Like you can see, Manon is on the right.
I had to lie on her and then try to create a bananaacurved banana.
Then Mona is on the left. She is the top of the banana raising her legs.
As we said, it was hard because we had to stay concentrating. We took  the picture in Mona’s garden. Then we needed to find the best angle shot with our phone so as to a take a straight picture. We had to keep a straight face while our positions were very funny and ridiculous.
It was also cold because it was almost wintertime. Alice had to keep her balance, Manon had to bear her weight while Mona had to keep her legs as straight as possible. In short, it was more physical than we first thought.
Secondly, why did we write « Ceci n’est pas une banane » ? We wrote it because, one the one hand, it was a touch of originality, and, on the other hand, we really like Magritte’s works of art.
And also because it was a little bit crazy to try to be a banana, so it made us think of Magritte. According to us, his work is both amazing and crazy.
We think it was a good idea to say « Ceci n’est pas une banane » because it’s true.
We didn’t write it in English because Magritte wrote in French « Ceci n’est pas une pipe » and we wanted to be close to reality.
Now, let’s talk about the similarities between the two pictures.
It’s not exactly like the original but we did our best using an application to edit photos.
We positioned ourselves against a white wall, like the iconic artwork. There are some similarities between our bodies and a banana’s shape. The yellow and the black spots are the same.

To conclude we hope that you like our project work.




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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture



This painting is entitled Hotel Room and was created by Edward Hopper. This painting shows a woman with attached hair wearing an orange bodysuit and reading a book in a hotel room. On the right we can see a pair of shoes, a suitcase and a green sofa. The colors are warm, which can make us think that the scene takes place during summer holidays. I wanted to represent this painting because I love it. I love going on holiday with my family and sleeping in a hotel. This picture reminds me of good memories when I was on summer holiday. I like this painting for its simplicity and its colors.

reffI tried to reproduce it with many similarities but adding some differences to give it a quirky mood as well as modernity. I did this reenacted picture with my classmate Alixe. It was difficult because we struggled to focus on the picture and we laughed a lot, but it was very funny. So this work was created at Alixe’s house. The similarities are visible with the orange shirt, the suitcase and positions are the same. Then, the differences are visible too with the sofa which has become a chair. Modernity is represented with the TV set as well as the computer. the background is a white wall and there aren’t any white curtains.

                                                                                                                     GIRAULT Suzon




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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture

Reenacting of famous picture « We Can Do It! »

We Can Do It ! is an America wartime propaganda poster created by Howard Miller in 1943 for Westinghouse Electric as an inspirational image to boost the workers’ spirits.
The «  We Can Do It ! » image was then used to symbolize feminism and political issues in the 1980s.
The poster is one of the ten most-requested images at the National Archives and Record Administration.
It was very little seen during World War II and it was rediscovered in the early 1980s to be widely reproduced in many forms, often called « We can do it ! » but also called « Rosie the Riveter » after the iconic figure of a strong female war production worker. It was incorporated in the 2008 campaign materials for several American politicians and was recreated by an artist in 2010 to celebrate the first woman becoming prime minister of Australia.

I chose this iconic picture because I think it has several meanings. I love this poster because it is currently used to fight against sexism and can raise awareness among people about gender issues.
The woman’s arm represents the strength of women and  their fight. I support women’s rights and I’m fighting against their discrimination, against sexism. To me,  this poster is motivating !
I want to be like the woman on the poster because it’s my model and she represents me very well !
There are some differences like my bracelet on my wirst and the scarf that is not the same. On my reenacted picture nothing is mentioned at the bottom. We_Can_Do_It!











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Catégories : Reenact an iconic picture

reenacting of a famous photograph

Here’s the picture I reenacted. this is a photograph of the mythical singer Michael Jackson taken in 1971 by Michael ochs while Michael was still a member of the Jackson 5. The picture in itself doesn’t have a lot of history but I chose it because I really like the photographer. In fact, he is one of the most famous rock music photographer of his time and Michael Jackson is an iconic artist and also one of my favourite. Another way to explain my choice is that, at first, I wanted to reenact a picture that will pay a tribute to Jimi Hendrix but my big brother, who was the model, doesn’t have the special clothes that Jimi Hendrix wore in his shows. So we decided  to choose this one for two main reasons-the icon that it shows and the fact that after we took the photograph, we noticed that the original and the reenacted looked alike. This picture took about 15 minutes to be taken because it wasn’t easy to keep striking the photo1posphoto2e without laughing.