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Travel and Place : « What can I get you to eat? » « A stonehenge, please »


« What can I get you to eat?« 

« A Stonehenge, please« 

Pauline Gommard and Juliette Labarre 2nd5

Stonehenge, 23 April 2019, 4.56 pm

Category: Travel and Place (Long shot with eye view)


Waiter: Hello! Welcome to the Knight templar!

Customer: Hello!

Waiter: Here is the menu. I recommend our delicious homemade fish and chips!

Customer: Okay, so I will take a fish and chips.

Waiter: What would you like to drink?

Customer: A Guinness, please!

Waiter: I come back in a minute.

(2min later)

Waiter: Here is your Guinness! 

(5min later)

Waiter: Here is your fish and chips with peas. Enjoy your meal ! Do you want to do our pub questionnaire?

Customer: Yes, I do.

(20 min later)

Waiter: Have you finished?

Customer: Yes, it’s very good!

Waiter: Would you like any dessert?

Customer: Yes, I want a dessert.

Waiter: Our dessert of the day is called  »Stonehenge  » ! It’s choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream and smothered in caramel sauce! It is delicious.

Customer: I’m going to take a  »Stonehenge” !

(3min later)

Waiter: So, here is your  »Stonehenge ». Enjoy your dessert!

(10min later)

Waiter: How did you like it?

Customer: It was just delicious! This dessert have a great name: Stonehenge is an absolutely amazing site too!

Waiter: Thank you ! The Knight templar is crazy about Stonehenge and our customers love this dessert!

Pauline and Juliette

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