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Cityscape : Candem Town by Charly



Camden Town

Camden Town. Saturday, April 27,2019,5.47 pm by Boissée Charly,
contestants: Esther De Montchalin, Manon Rousselles and Anna Hery.

The shot type we chose is the long shot because we really wanted to see a big part of Camden Town to show the beautiful art on the facades. We also chose the eye view because the viewers can identify and think that they are in Camden. In this photo, we can see many shops on the left with the tags or murals on their walls. The first has
footprints, the second with the blue colour has a scorpion holding a shoe in its claws. Then there is a big dragon on the wall, and in the background, we can see Uncle Pennybags on a wall with the English flag. The picture is a little bit dark because of the colour of the sky but we can still see the colours of the shop because many shops have a bright shop facades.
Camden Town is bustling and very attractive thanks to the tourists like we can
see in the photo. Camden Town is a beautiful place for street art and art overall.

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Other pictures taken in Camden

Uncle Pennybags

The famous guy of the monopoly is on a wall in Camden Town, we can see it in the first photo.
Many food trucks where we can test food for free, so we went to this neighbourhood where there are only food trucks.