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Come to the gallery !

Come to the gallery

written by Charly Boissée and Esther de Montchalin

On Monday, April 1st, we had a school trip to the Warehouse 107, where students from the Euro class of Lycée Jeanne d’Arc attended an exhibition of various artworks as well as a workshop on  Street Art .

The exhibition: Fundamentals


He is an international figure of graffiti, from Toulouse. He self-proclaimed « fetishist graffiti » and developed his practice in the streets and on trains. His first tags, on skateboard ramps, date from 1988. His work has been enriched and reflects the influence of his many travels. His trips have allowed him to experience and make his mark on nearly 40 countries including the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Senegal, China and many countries in Europe.

Craig Costello:

A child of 1980s skateboarding, punk rock, graffiti, and hip hop, Craig Costello made his name in the street under the pseudonym KR. His minimalist lettering could be deciphered from afar, and his silvery tags are dripping with a liquid ink that he himself developed and which became a revolutionary tool for all street artists.   


The workshop: Balance Ta Rame

  The artist Fil launches a challenge in Rouen and on the net: tagging 100, 000 wagons to build the longest train in the world! Longer than that the one in Mauritania measuring 2.5 kilometers. The story of this project is surprising. The young graffiti artist Balt was sentenced for having tagged a tunnel of the SNCF. His father, the artist Fil, wanted to raise awareness on vandalism and bought his son a  book of trains to customize. Then he decided to expand his idea and create the longest train so that one day he could  exhibit an artwork made by thousands of people.


We had the opportunity to participate in the project. We were divided into two groups of 15 students. The workshop lasted one hour. First of all, they introduced the concept of the project and then a group of  volunteering artists gave us a passenger car to tag. They helped us and gave us some ideas. We could use colour pencils, posca felt pens, pastels… and a lot of magazines to cut pictures to stick on our trains.

Finally, we all gave our artwork to the artist and some of them were filmed for the Facebook page of the project work.

Our feeling:

Thanks to this visit, we learned a lot about the history of the two artists presented and also about Street Art in general. In addition, the workshop was very good but not was long enough for us.

The artists and the director of Hangar 107, Jean Guillaume Panis, were incredibly kind to all the students. The exhibition was very beautiful and the workshop was superb. The exhibition is free and the place is really pleasant because it’s on the docks, and we have a beautiful view of the Seine river. You can find more information about Hangar 107 on the website:

Thank you!

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