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Vandalism or Art ?

By Garance and Caroline

On April 1st 2019, the Euro class of  Joan of Arc High went to the Hangar 107 to attend the exhibition “Fundamentals” and to participate in a workshop “Balance ta rame ». In the following text , we will share our experience.

At first, the class was split in two parts and we started with the workshop. Fil, Kazoo, Dhoa, Gayiel welcomed us and introduced the project “Balance ta rame”. The idea is to make the longest train with paper subway vandalized by lots of different people- students, retired, train passengers or even prisoners. The project was born when Fil’s son went to jail because he had vandalized passenger cars. Fil has already collected more than five thousand trains. Then, we started to draw, cut, glue and color paper trains.

At the workshop

Then we attended a guided tour about the origins of street art and Graffiti’s story by the director of the warehouse 107 who  told us about “Tilt”, a very famous street artist. In fact, Tilt he was born in Toulouse in 1973 and has been a  street artist for 30 years ! Tilt is famous for his own style’s creation – the Bubble Style. After this short presentation, we got to know more about Tilt’s two series of art work. The first one entitled « Layers” is a close-up of a wall where we can see its evolution in the time. The second series was composed of fragments of a BA13 wall painted, degraded, and assembled to give a new point of view. This series is called “sans titre”and is very impressive ! He also used the same technique with a concrete wall.

An artwork of the series « sans titre »

Then, our guide explained us the fabulous Craig Castello’s inventions ! He is American, and he studied art at the university. He tried to paint and express himself on walls like his fellow street artists but he wanted to go beyond mainstream street art such as air spray drawing or  stencils. That’s why he created his own tools which became more and more famous all around the World ! He invented a new mix of ink and paint to create the “Krink” which is very liquid and flows well to give a sticky effect. But he also invented new art forms, with geometrical figures using tools like extinguishers, for instance.

   kr’s artwork with Krink

We were very happy to discover this exhibition and to learn about street art. We highly recommend Warehouse  107’s exhibitions because it was a really good experience for us and the entry is free, So don’t wait!

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