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Commentaires fermés sur V

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We have chosen to write about the short film V. First, we will deal with  its plot, then the characters of the film and the topic with our opinion. To conclude, we’ll explain our final opinion as well as the feelings that we had while watching this fictional short film.

The main character is a girl. She lives alone in a little flat because her mother died, she was very  ill. She drinks blood, just like a vampire. She thinks she is a vampire. She speaks a lot about a guy,  his name is Chris. He may have been her boyfriend, and he might have transformed her into a vampire while having sexual relations. We think the storyline is both weird and moving. It was hard to really understand the plot and we think that the director may have wanted to show how people can easily be manipulated.

In conclusion, we liked this movie because it was very intriguing but we would have liked to have more information about the topic before watching it. We would recommend it to anyone who likes supernatural, vampires and fantasy  intriguing stories. To conclude, on a scale from zero to five we give this film a four.

Louyse, Lena, Lucie, Clara and Caroline ♥