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The film review about the short animation « Enough »


Enough is a two-minute funny animated film about people who are fed up with their lives. In this animation, we can see many different scenes with different short storytlines, it’s like a compilation of many really short stories that are a few seconds long. In every scene, one person who is on edge does something he would have never done before because it’s impolite. For example, in one scene, someone breaks a window or hurts someonelse because they’re exhausted and can’t cope with the situation anymore.

There were loads of different characters in « Enough ». There was a range of kids, elderly and adults. There was no main character in the movie because it was divided into many short clips with different people in each.

The topic of the film is about people who are fed up with being polite and they start doing things that aren’t acceptable in society, for example, in one scene, we can see someone pushing two people down the stairs in the underground, in an other, a woman can’t stand her job anymore, so she throws her computer out of the office’s window.

We think this short film was extremely funny to watch and very enjoyable, we definitely recommend it.

In conclusion, we can say that this short animated movie is a laugh riot but there’s also a message behind it. Sometimes, our society expects too much from people, so they are always on edge.

Finally, they can’t take it anymore and snap.


Meaveen Ryan, Mathilde Dony, Noémie Chantrel-Richard