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Strange days review

Strange days

Today we present the short film: Strange days. The story talks about a girl, Nina. She likes to be desired by Eli, who the most beautiful boy in highschool. But Eli wants to be Carla’s boyfriend as well. Eli is the cause of the hostility between Carla and Nina.

There are different settings in the storyline: the beach, a public place, a market and the house of Eli’s friend.

The main character is Nina, the narrator of this story. She relates the night when Carla disappeared. She is Eli’s girlfriend and the last person who saw Carla before she disappeared.


The topic is about relationship and friendship. Nina thinks that she is responsible for Carla’s disappearance and she can’t get over it. She can’t help thinking about it.

In our opinion, the performance of the actors was very good. The most captivating scene is when Nina opens the door and sees Carla for the last time.

The best scene is the scene with the dog for us.

The most interesting character is Eli because his personality is very complex: at the beginning he seems to be a good person but after a while we realize that he is very manipulative : he likes the two girls but he  does something wrong that probably hurts Carla.

We finally understand that, later, Nina has forgotten Eli but not Carla. She really feels guilty.

People shouldn’t miss this short film. On a scale from zero to five, we give this film a four.


Grimoin-Onno Lucile

Mechelinck Juliette

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