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Our Film review on « The Clanker Man »

We have chosen to write about « The Clanker Man », which is a short film we watched during « This is England » Festival 2018.

« The Clanker Man » is a ten-minute mokumentary by Ben Steiner. This genre is very popular in England, more than in France.

The main character is a clanker man whose job consists of making noises in the city. In the movie, his job is secret and he acts very protective towards it. The Clanker man finds his job hard and seems sad about it being a secret. He wishes more people knew about it and respected his job instead of yelling at him.

The other characters are a cameraman showing up in one scene and a citizen who’s getting mad at the Clanker man for doing his job.

In conclusion we can say that this movie is a comedy of a non-existing job, which makes it funnier. It was a laugh riot and we think this was one of the best movies shown in « This is England Festival 2018 ».