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Our film review about « clanker man »

Our favorite short film in « this is England » festival was « Clanker man ». It was directed by Ben Steiner and it was a ten-minute mockumentary.

The main character is a man whose job is to make racket. Throughout the mockumentary, he explains the concept of « clanking ». For example, he hits everything with his crowbar, shouts in  the street and in the forest, puts urine on matresses. There are two characters : the clanker man and the interviewer. But, of course, there is a management team as well. In our opinion, it was a laugh riot because the clanker man is very serious when talking about his job even if sound silly. It was the funniest short film of the day. The story is very simple but effective thanks to a very good directing. The most powerful scene was when he shouts at night outside the city. It’s the final scene and it was a good ending.

To conclude, the topic is very interesting and it’s very original to show a fake job in a mockumentary.

We recommend this short film because the main character’s job is completely crazy and his performance was hilarious.


Garance, Jules and Lucie 2nde4.