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Inanimate film review

Inanimate is an eight-minute animated short-film, directed by Lucia Bulgheroni. Inanimate tells the story of a girl who’s called Katrine and enjoyed her life, but one day, she understands that her world is not the reality and that all the society is fake, everything is controled by the humans. This short animation movie was created by 16 people but approximatively 100 were there to design the scenes, characters and lets. It was released on February 2018 after 14 months of work.

We think Inanimate was a very good short film. The link between the reality and the fiction was interesting. It gave us food for thought. It showed the reality of our world. The special effects were breathtaking and  we can see that people took a lot of time to build each element. There was not much conversation but the images that tell the story were thought provoking and there were a lot of metaphors to explain real facts with animation.


This short movie explains that what we think is real, sometimes is fake. To prove it, the film director gave some examples in the movie. We can see the main character katrine, in different daily situations ( for example at the supermarket) where she discovers that she is just a puppet and that her husband is fake too. Finally, Inanimate well portrays our society. It shows that we spend too much money on fake things. We also know that  Katrine looks like the film director: same hair, same eyes. This animation is indeed about her life and reflection.

In conclusion, we liked this animation, it was absolutely amazing. It was a very good topic to cover. Furthermore, the special effects were breathtaking, there were a lot of details in the scenery and it was  beautifully designed. We really loved this movie for all of this. So we recommend it to anyone! We can’t wait to watch the director’s next movie in preparation. Unfortunately they didn’t win This is England Festival but what they did is worth seeing.