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Film review about ‘Inanimate’

Inanimate is an animation that talks about one girl whose life is passing very fast. The special effects were breathtaking because it was pretty for an animation, pictures after pictures. This movie gave us food for thought.

The movie is an animation so there is no perfomance of  actors but the storyline was brillant. Another thing we really liked was the mix of two universes;  the human world and the fictional and unrealistic universe.

The subtiles were understandable, the script writing was excellent but the end was a little bit complicated to understand. The most powerful scene was when the main character wakes up because it was unexpected, indeed, we thought she had passed away.

To conclude, Inanimate is an animated short film that is thought provoking and incredible. It’s a must see if you like animation.

link to the trailer http://viewpure.com/vitY4_N5xSU?start=0&end=0

link to This is England Festival http://www.thisisengland-festival.com/

Lou, Anna and Charly