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Black sheep

Black Sheep

For us, the movie was really frightening and it was convincing because it’s a true story, it’s a testimony. We found that it’s really brave that this guy could talk about those hard moments in his life. During the short film, we didn’t need the subtitles to understand him, because he talks with his heart. The fights shocked us, it contained a lot of violence and injustice. It’s difficult to imagine the violence of this world and that makes us feel sad. We can just feel empathy for the victims of racism. The film was so powerful that it gave us food for thought.

The cast was brillant and really convincing. We’ve loved the contrast between the young Cornelius and his interview when he is older. We have two favourite striking scenes :

When the young white kid calls him  » nigga  » and mimes a monkey, then Cornelius realises that he has moved in a racist village and that even the youngest inhabitants are racist.

The second striking scene for us is when the black and white teens insult each other. It shows that the rivalry is not just between the two gangs or crews, but between black people and white people.

In conclusion, this short movie shows us how  difficult it is to be accepted by others and to try to fit in when you’re different and discriminated against. Sometimes we make the wrong choice, but that doesn’t mean we are bad people.

People shouldn’t miss this documentary! It’s an impressive portrayal of racism and discrimination.

On a scale from zero to five, we give this film a five/five.

link to the trailer  https://www.traileraddict.com/black-sheep-2018/trailer

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