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A friend in need is a friend indeed

This document is a photo taken in our school.
The scene takes place in the schoolyard. There is nothing in the foreground but in the middle we can clearly distinguish two teenagers, me and Pierre, who are taking or holding their hands. The guy on the ground shows some distress, and the other one standing symbolizes hope. I have shades under me and, in the top left hand corner, the sunlight touches Pierre. Finally, in the background, there is a white wall, white for light and purity. We have chosen this color  to show the sunlight that represents hope and  purity, just like Pierre’s tee-shirt. To accentuate the light and the shades on this two-shot picture, we have chosen an eye-view angle.
To our mind, this photo expresses frienship. There is no message but friendship is important in the bad situations like the good ones : that’s the meaning of  the saying « A friend in need is a friend indeed ».
Ilyas and Pierre 2nde5