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Catégories : A friend in need is a friend indeed


This document is a photograph. We can see two boys who are doing a fist bump at school in the middle of the day. It’s a worm’s eye view so the two  characters seem to be taller than in reality . They are in backlight because they’re facing sun.

The worm’s eye view gives the impression of invincibility. They are doing  a bro fist and the two boys look really united. With the worm’s eye view we can imagine that nothing can break their friendship.

They are facing the sun and this gives the idea of kindness, friendhip or something really positive. They are looking at the sun, so it’s like they are saying :
«  Our friendship is like the sun! It’s positive, It will never break, will never fall and we can’t live without it ! »

However, there are many clouds, which can mean two different things. Either you can think that the clouds represent the adventures they will have to live  or you can suppose that there are many ups and downs in a friendship and that people always have to do their best to maintain a friendship.