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A friend in need is a friend indeed

For us, the saying « A friend in need is a frien indeed » means that a friend should always to be there for his friends when they need him or her. If they have a problem he or she shouldn’t let them down. A friend shouldn’t be present only in good moments and we think that it’s when you have a problem that you get know who your true friends are.

On the picture you can see a girl after she has fallen from the  stairs at school and an another girl who came to help her because she doesn’t feel very well. The picture has been taken as if the photographer was an observer going down the stairs and seeing the scene, so it’s an eye-view angle. This picture is a full shot and a two shot as well.

We have chosen to take the picture in the playground because we wanted to make the picture more realistic. On the picture, you can see that the scene takes place in the morning.

Our picture well illustrates the saying because you can see a girl who is taking care of her friend because she has just fallen down. We think a good friend has to be there to help, it’s one of the best qualities to be a good friend. When you help your friends, they will give it  back to you and  mutual assistance is very important in a friendship.

To conclude, friendship is very important in the social life and people should always be there for their friends to show the best versions of themselves.

Lou Saunier & Alice Brand, 2nde 4