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A friend in need is a friend indeed

The subject of this article is the saying « a friend in need is a friend indeed ».

First of all, this saying means that a real friend is somebody who will always help you and who will never let you down.

Let’s look now at this picture taken in a street next to high school. We can see one blind person helping another one who has fallen. The main character, in this picture, is the blind woman. In fact, the angle used is a low-angle shot to show the greatness of this woman. This person is smiling and she is helping the other one who is hurt. She did an effort to come and help the other one to satnd up. She is actings like a real friend.

Then, this picture illustrates the saying because the friend in need is the wounded girl and the blind came to help, she doesn’t let her down despite her handicap.

The picture has been taken in the street, during the day, because it’s a place where many people walk around. Nobody came to help the girl who has fallen down and may eb hurt but her friend made an effort just for her. Actually, the blind just heard her and found her just with her hearing. That shows again that she’s a good friend.

In conclusion, this picture is in link with the saying « a friend in need is a friend indeed » because we can see that a real friend is doing her best to help.


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