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A friend in need is a friend indeed

To us, the saying « A friend in need is a friend indeed » means that when someone – one of your friends- needs your help, it also means that he or she is trusting you, so it’s a true friend, and you must help him or her !


The photo is an over- the- shoulder view and a cowboy shot. In the picture, we can see two statues sitting on a bench. They’re representing two female characters. One of them is sitting in the light, while the other is in the shadow. The one that is in the darkness seems to be sad, in a bad mood or situation, all alone… the statue seems to be desesperate,  also, the one that is in the light seems to be indulgent, as if she was understanding the other statue in front of her.

We can see that there is some sort of a connection between the two characters. For example, their hands are barely touching. They’re looking at each other as if they wanted to communicate, to do something together or just have telepathy, They both are trusting each other.

To us, it’s one of the best picture to illustrate the saying, because it shows how a link between two friends can be strong and also invisible to the naked eye.

Léa and Nora
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