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A funny picture

A friend in need is a friend indeed! Let’s try to illustrate this saying humorously!


We will divide this text between the three of us.

-Lou will explain our choices of camera angles and shot and she will describe the picture.

-Manon will write about the different meanings of the saying« the friend in need is a friend indeed » and she will explain what friendship means to us .

Antonin will focus on the link with the picture and our artistic choices.


The scene takes place in Joan of Arc high school. The light comes from the ceiling. There is a very good lighting even if the toilets are quite dark. Time is not really important to take this picture, but the choice of the room is  to make the situation more realistic.

Camera shot and camera angle

The camera shot is a medium shot and the camera angle is a pov (point of view) simply because we wanted the picture to be realistic, and this camera angle transfers the people looking at the picture directly into the head of the character.

Definition of the expression «A friend in need is a friend indeed » and  friendship

For the majority of human beings, it is necessary to have friends in life. A study published in the journal developmental psychology demonstrated that being surrounded by friends can reduce anxiety .

Friendship protects and helps to get out of depression. Friendship day, on 30th July, has even been created by the UNO. But friendship is difficult to establish and it is not so simple to know who your real friends are.

We can ask  ourselves one question:

« Will they be there by my side when I need help? »

To us, friendship means trust, sincerity and communication. A real friend should share both happiness and misfortune with you because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

The link with the picture

We think that the picture talks enough by itself. A lot of people may have experienced this situation in their lives. Even if it’s quite cringe-making, your friend is just right here to give you  what you need, i.e toilet paper. The picture well depicts the situation !

Artistic choice

We think that the funny aspect of the picture also helps to find it better. It’s even quite funny to see the situation in front of you even if you are adult or really mature. Having a picture with toilet papers , toilets and your friend in need is a good choice to illustrate the proverb.


So to put it more simply, we chose this picture because we found that the situation, the camera angle, the camera shot, the funny aspect and the setting quite well illustrate the saying.