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A friend in need is a friend indeed.

We are Jules and Lucie and we are going to talk about friendship. We are going to divide this talk into four parts.

« A friend in need is a friend indeed ». Let me talk about the meaning of the saying. If a friend needs our help, we have to help him because he is someone you can rely on and who can do the same for us.

Moving on now to the full description of the picture. As you can notice, we can see two persons. They are doing their homework in the library. They are sitting side by side and they have their stuff to work. The boy is in trouble because he doesn’t understand the assigned exercise. The girl is helping him showing the book and explaining the exercise. This picture is a two shot and an eye-view.

Turning now to th link with the saying. As we wrote before : « a friend in need is a friend indeed ». In this picture we can see a person who is in trouble, and his friend who helps him. So, our picture well illustrates the saying because the friend of the person who needs help is assisting him.

Let’s look now at the choices that we made. We took this picture in the afternoon because it’s a good moment to see our friends. We chose the library because it’s a place where people often do their homework.

In conclusion, our picture is definitely in link with the saying.

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