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A friend in need is a friend indeed

We are going to talk to you about the picture that we took to illustrate friendship and the saying «  a friend in need is a friend indeed. » This saying means that a friend should always be your friend even in bad situations.

We’ll describe the picture and explain why whe used some angles and shot to take our photo.

On the picture, we can see two people, Alice and I.
Alice is hanging from a roof, a wall and is about to fall. I’m on the floor and I’m trying to catch her. Because, you know, if she falls, she will probably be hurt but if she tumbles, I’ll be there to catch her. It’s like the metaphor of life for us, you know ? If you fall, a good friend will always pick you up.
It’s a little bit dangerous and risky to catch someone who is falling  from such a height, so I could be hurt, but a friend in need is a friend indeed, isn’t it?

Let’s turn now to the practical point.
When we took this photo, we chose a two shot in order to see the two protagonists of the action and, consequently of  friendship, because a friendship is a relationship and we thought that it would be important to show that on our picture.
We also used a high angle shot. Why is it important ? Because this angle makes us  look less powerful,more vulnerable and it’s right, we are actually in a situation of weakness.
Thanks to an optical illusion, we created the impression that I am falling from a roof, look!
Mélina, a friend of us, accepted to take the picture sitting on the floor, horizontally and we realigned her vertically. The real  floor is no longer the floor but the wall and we are not lying on the floor but hanging from a roof and standing up against a wall.
Let’s look now at my hair, it’s the only little defect of this optical effect, it is dangling from my head but in the wrong position. It’ s because of gravity, so we couldn’t really handle it and find a solution.

In conclusion,  friendship is a relationship between several people not only between two people. If you want to be a good friend, you have to take some risks to help your friend if they have some problem. Of course, you can play, talk, laugh with your friends  but you should also be there for them when they need help.


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