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A friend in need is a friend indeed

The topic of our writing task is « a friend in need is a friend indeed ».
Let’s begin by the description of our picture.We can see two girls, one looks  sad and may be crying and the other one tries to comfort her. The photo has been taken in our school at lunchtime. Our camera shot type is a two-shot because there are two main characters and it is all about emotional relationship. Our camera angle type is a frontal view because we wanted the viewers to be in front of the characters.

Now, let’s explain why our picture illustrates the saying. We can see solidarity between the two friends. Indeed, a true friend helps you when you are in a bad mood and he or she tries to help you to go back up the slope.

Then, we will explain our choices: the scene takes place at school because this is where we  see our classmates and friends every day and many problems can happen, like discrimination and prejudice. We chose this situation because, a good friend should be available for you in the good and the bad moments. Friendship means mutual assistance.

In conclusion,we emphasised on the idea of feelings because we think friendship is the most beautiful human relationship.

So, never forget « a friend in need is a friend indeed ».

Juliette and Lucile 2nd4