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My first month in Jeanne d’Arc high school

For my first day in Jeanne d’Arc High, I was anxious because I didn’t know who will be in my class. But when I read the names on the class list, I was happy because I realized that there were 3 friends of mine in my class. As time went on, my new classmates and I got to know each other and we got on better and better together. Jeanne d’Arc school is so big that you can easily get lost. At first, it was difficult to find the classrooms. The food at the  cafeteria is not excellent but we’re fine with it.

« I feel better at Jeanne d’Arc school than in my previous school because I can understand the lessons very well and I feel more self-confident. I think I will improve my level, especially in Maths and English. »

People are more open-minded and there are some lockers, which is very useful! I’m very hopeful for my future here in Jeanne d’Arc!

Lou and Raphaël, 2nd 2