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Irish classmate interview

Meaven, our Irish classmate


What do you think of French people?

They’re nice, I think they have a good sense of style.

Why are you in France?

I’m in France because my mom is French and she wants me to become fluent in French and learn about the French culture.

How long will you stay in France?

I’m staying until Christmas.

Where do you stay?

During the week I stay in the boarding school and I stay at my grandad’s at the weekend.

Which do you prefer, Ireland or France?

I prefer school over here but I prefer Ireland because my family and friends live there.

What do you want to do later?

I would like to be a lawyer.

What are your favorite subjects?

My favorite subjects are English and Chinese because I find them the easiest.

What are your hobbies?

I do horseriding and I play the piano and I also did acting in Ireland.

What countries have you travelled to?

I’ve been to France, Spain, Portugal, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, America, Martinique, Turkey, Germany, Greece and Tenerife.

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