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The Party

The Party

We have chosen to write about the short movie « the party » which was directed by Andrea Harkin. It is a fiction inspired by « the troubles » that took place in the 70’s in Northern Ireland. It lasts 15 minutes and was released in 2016. This short film won 2 awards (at « Cork film festival’s Nomination for the European film family » and the « award excellence – Global Short ») but there are a lot of other nominations without any results yet.

We thought that the movie was brilliant, there were a lot of emotions (first it was funny and then it started to become emotional with a lot of sad things such as an attack). We like the fact that there is a historic context (that we totally discovered) and the actors were great in their roles.

The script was well written because even though we didn’t know these historic events, it was well explained because we understood quite everything. There was a real atmosphere which became increasingly oppressive because the plot is about the conflict in Northen Ireland which started in the late 60’s. There was a discrimination against the catholics in Northern Ireland and a conflict with the protestants, some catholics joined the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and committed crimes. There were a lot of innocent victims because of the attacks (it turned into a kind of civil war). The conflict lasted 30 years. The end of the film wasn’t expected and very emotional. The most striking scene was probably when Mickey’s friends were shot.

After watching the film, we felt sad and were curious about the entire context of those years because we didn’t know what really happened in Northern Ireland.


People shouldn’t miss this movie because it’s very interesting. On a scale from 0 to 5, we would give a 5 to this movie.

Lise Engérant, Espérance Houdan, Luca Ciucci & Lélia Boddaert.