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Commentaires fermés sur KIN (This is England festival)

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KIN (This is England festival)

Kin is a fifteen-minute fiction directed by Helena Middleton.

Kin was rewarded the price of the best short film in the festival « This is England ».

The film was heartbreaking because the relationship between the little and the big brother was very intense and touching. This film is very realistic because it deals with the separation of siblings, which is something that often happens, and the life of  children in family care homes.

Subtitles were written at the bottom of the screen in French, which helped us to better understand dialogues.

The cast performance was brillant. Another thing we really liked was the fact that the plot was well shot. The most captivating scene is when the big brother entered in the family care home to take his brother’s file and get to know why the custody was denied.

When we watched the film we felt a little bit sad, we saw people crying in the cinema. We were impressed by the emotions that emerged from this film.

It’s a very impressive portrayal of the relationship between brothers and the difficulties they have had to cope with since their mother died.

On a scale from zero to five we give this film a five !

It’s a must see !!

You can also listen the music of the film :

Selena, Madison, Océane et Sophie