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Catégories : This is England Festival / film reviews 2016-2018


It’s a a fifteen- minute drama, social and fiction film. This short film was directed by Helena Middleton and produced by Vine Hill Films.

It’s a film about two brothers who lost their mom when they were very young. Next to this, they were sent in a family care home. One of them, the older and now a young adult wants the custody of his brother but it is rejected. The film won the student price of « This is England Festival ».

It was heartbreaking because the older brother had to make a really difficult choice : either he keeps his little brother or does what is the best for him; that is to say, let him go and live in a foster family.

The actor performance was brillant, they acted well, especially the two brothers, Joseph Quinn and Jack Hollington, the younger.

The best thing about this film is the fact that it’s a realistic story , a story that could really happen.

The saddest scene was when the family care home worker comes to bring Jack back to the family care home.

People shouldn’t miss it and watch it. On a scale from zero to one we give a 4.5.

To conclude, we definitly recommend it for people who like sentimal and emotional films.

If you want more details about this outstanding film, the production created a website :

And you if want to react about this short film there is  hashtag : @kinfilmbristol. You can also contact them on social media like on facebook ( or twitter (

Written by Karla MBENDE, Ethan TOCQUEVILLE, Romane HUCHELOUP.