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Commentaires fermés sur Domestic Policy TIE

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Domestic Policy TIE

                           Domestic Policy

Domestic policy is a seven-minute short fiction film directed by Alicia MacDonald in 2016 but the story takes place after the first world war. This film was ranked third in « This is England festival ».

We find this film realistic and funny but also heartbreaking because the film shows the reality about women’s fight to be equal and sexism in the whole world. The story is extremely interesting because, in the story, women are mistreated and considered inferior and, sometimes, it is still the same today. We also enjoyed the suspense. At the beginning of the film we were very upset because some of the politicians are misogynists.

The script was perfectly written. The setting creates a certain atmosphere, a little bit tense. The most captivating scene is when the servant eats the paper. When we watched it, we were surprised but at the same time we were joyful because it’s a good ending. After the film, we were happy but at the same time a little bit hurt by the men’s mean comments in the movie.

We recommend this film because it’s good and thought-provoking. It’s a great piece of film making and it’s one of our favorite films.


By Jacob Buchard; Louan Conan; Emma Boittout