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My interview with Otto Frank

If I could meet someone from the Annexe, I would like to meet Otto Frank (Anne’s father). I would like to meet him because he is the only one from the Annexe who survived the genocide, for this reason I think his testimony would be interesting. If I could meet him, I would be very impressed because he experienced dreadful moments, which are unthinkable in our daily life, so I think he would know a lot about the difficulties of life. I would ask him about the atmosphere in the Annexe, the best moments he spent in the Annexe, and if he thought that they would have stayed in for two long years. I would also ask him if he had a good relationship with Anne, like shewrote in her diary. Furthemore, I would ask him if he knew that his daughter was writing a diary, and if he learnt things about her when he read it. I would also ask him questions about the living conditions in Auswitch and his life after the genocide. For example, I would ask him if it changed his vision of the world.