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If I had to go into hiding…

If I had to into hiding because I were discriminated against and my life were in danger, I think I would take four or five things with me, if it was possible. I would take books because they would help me to be able to clear my mind so as to disconnect from reality for a short time. I would take my earphones with an mp3 because I wouldn’t be able to live without my music, I’m too addicted. I may take my pillow to feel ‘comfortable ‘.  In my view, it would be important to feel at ‘home’ (even if you can’t really feel at home when you go into hiding) and to have a kind of refuge when being in a bad mood. I would take pictures of the members of my family and friends that I wouldn’t be able to see to give me courage when longing to go outside (if it was for a long time and if I wouldn’t be able to go outside like Anne in the book). Lastly, I would take my fluffy toy because  it’s like  music for me, it’s something I can’t even live without.
I guess that my feelings would be the same as Anne’s. Firstly, I think I would feel oppressed by the fact that I wouldn’t be able to go outside. I would  be really sad too, about my friends and about my family that I would leave. If I went into hiding with my relatives, I think I’d be angry because they would get on my nerves. But, to my mind, it would be important to remain hopeful like I’ve always been so I’d try to be confident about the future.