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Imagine you are Anne’s mother, Edith.


What Anne thinks about me :
She thinks I treat her like a baby but it’s only because I love her ! She’s convinced that I prefer Margot… It’s not true but Margot is generally more easy-going and she’s not as insolent as her ! Anne also thinks that all I do is annoying and I’m not as good as her father, not as kind as Otto. It’s because if I’m not strict, Anne does all that she wants and it’s impossible in the Annexe ! Finally, she says I don’t understand teenagers, particularly her. It’s very hurtful !

What I think about Anne :
I know, I’m not the perfect mother. But Anne is really stubborn. She believes she knows everything about  life or about people ! She always stands up to me ! I love her so much, she is my daughter but she should respect me. She’s still a little girl and I must protect her despite the fact that she believes she’s an adult. Furthermore, she doesn’t talk to me, so I can’t understand her. I’m very disappointed with our relationship.