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Anglais presentation of Our super-hero par Marie Cécile Guichaux, Manon et Sébastien Lebesnerais.

Our Hero


The name of our hero is Elizabeth Simons. She lives in the 18th century and she is 24 years old. She lives in Canterbury in England. She saw her parents being killed by his archenemy when she was 15 years old. She wants to take revenge, that’s why she became  a corsair for the English king. She helps people. She is generous and brave. She also infiltrates pirates to arrest them. She uses a double identity. When she is a pirate to infiltrate her enemies her name is Esther Stevers. She is the captain of a Galion whose name is The Avenger. She must choose between her ideal and her desire for revenge.


Her capacities

Elizabeth is a hero because of her ideal : We must fight the enemy to help people and help people to fight the enemy. She is very agile, can run very fast, jump on roofs. She is a good shot and she fights with swords rather appropriately. She does not hesitate to use her weapons and kill if necessary in case, otherwise she just hurts. She has no super powers, only capacities that are not supernatural. She manages things very well. She can infiltrate and pretend to be someone else. She can rob people for her missions for example.


Physical Descriptions

She has dark hair and blue eyes.

When she is an English captain she wears a blue uniform. It is a Corsair’s uniform of the 18th Century. It is composed of dark big boots, a blue jacket. She has a sword and a gun. In the street, people can see her because of her uniform

When she is a pirate, she wears red and blue boots, a red and blue jacket and a blue hood with the symbol of her Family « S ». She has a red and blue corset.


Her Archenemy


The name of her Archenemy is Barbe Rouge. He is a French pirate. His father is Barbe noire, he becomes a pirate to continue what did he had started. He is called Barbe Rouge because he loves blood and people are afraid of him. He is the captain of a boat whose name is Darkblood.

Barbe Rouge is cruel and he loves blood, hence his name. He is very hard with his swords, he commands his ship with excellence and is a strategist. He kills many innocent for his own pleasure, he has no mercy. He looks for Elizabeth because he wants to destroy the Simons for unknown reasons. She has to discover why he wants to destroy her family. He wears a dark vest, he has a parrot, he wears red boots, he has a sword. His characteristics are a hook, a scar and a red beard.