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       – Le Havre is in the north of Normandy in Le Havre.

  • Because of its location on the Channel coast, the climate is temperate oceanic. .The windless days are rare.
  • Largely destroyed during the Second World War, the city was rebuilt according to the plans of the studio of Auguste Perret between 1945 and 1964, the City Hall and St. Joseph’s Church (107 m high ) were personally designed by architect Auguste Perret. Coming welcomes the work of reconstruction , UNESCO declared the city of Le Havre as World Heritage of Humanity on July 15, 2005  .

 Many tourists come to :


The port Le Havre is a great French maritime commercial port and passenger ( link to England ) . It is also a marina and fishing on the English Channel.
Testimony flat Perret Testimony flat,built by Auguste Perret is a museum dedicated to Le havre interior architecture, furniture and everyday life until the middle of the year 1950.
Town hall In the town hall there is a theatre.There are a lot plays and shows.
MUMA With thirty paintings, this museum has the richest collection of Impressionist works of art. It is named in honor of the French writer André Malraux , then Minister of Culture . He made the museum one of its priority projects and he opened it in 1961.


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