Tony Parker




Birth: Tony Parker was born in 1982, he thirty-two years old.


Origins: He is French but he has got Belgian origins because he was born in Belgium.


Family: Tony Parker is married Axelle Francine and they have got one son.

He has got two brothers but he hasn’t got any sisters.


Country: He lives in Austin in Texas in a house.


Hobbies: He likes going to the cinema, traveling, playing video games and surfing on the web in his free time.


Job: He is a basketball player.


I think he is sporty and hardworking because he is a basketball player.


Dubus-Chanson Victor

Hikaru Utada

I’m a journalist and I’m writing an interview for the New Yorker Her name is Hikaru Utada and she is 31 years old. She was born on January 19 th , 1983. She is Japanese but she was born in New York. I think she loves Japan because she sings in Japananese. She has got a Japanese origins because her parent’s are Japanese. She is a singer. She sing the music of Kingdom Hearts(it’s a video game). She hasn’t got any brothers or sisters but she is married. She lives in New York but I do not know if she lives in a apartement or in a house. She loves playing the piano and singing but she dislike writing. She fond of reading. If I had to describe she in 5 words : she is beautiful,intelligent,serious,friendly and funny !